“Rohingya terrorists massacred over 100 Hindu families in Myanmar”: Amnesty Report, But Priyanka Chopra takes pictures with them and calls them innocent!

Just couple days back, the media was going gaga about Priyanka Chopra visiting Rohingya camps in Bangladesh as global UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights, where she is said to have interacted with the Rohingya children who are countless in number.

Priyanka Chopra posted pictures of her wearing Hijab and interacting with Rohingya children on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. She made a big statement saying that she was moved with the plight of the children and they required help.

She in her post wrote “This is an entire generation of children that have no future in sight. Through their smiles I could see the vacancy in their eyes, The world needs to care. We need to care. These kids are our future.”  Priyanka Chopra said that Around 60 per cent of the people in these camps are children who are vulnerable and living in over-crowded camps. They don’t even know if they are going to get their next meal.

Obviously, Priyanka Chopra did not realise they have to stay in overcrowded places as their only intention is to produce kids and use them for terror activities. These Rohingya refugees who have infiltrated into India have become a major security concern for the Nation as they are being used by all terror organisations to rage war against India.

The Rohingyas who are radical Islamists have been involved in mass murder of Hindus, Buddhists in their home city of Myanmar. This was the main reason why Myanmar government ousted them from their country.

An amnesty report which was released recently has now proved that these Rohingyas were involved in the mass murder of 100 of Hindu families in Myanmar. According to the report, It is said that last August, nearly 100 Hindu villagers were massacred and their bodies were found to be buried in mass graves in Myanmar’s conflict-ridden Rakhine state. The Myanmar military blamed a Muslim Rohingya insurgent group known as ARSA, while the militants pinned the slaughter on the largely Buddhist state security forces. However, the report submitted by Amnesty International holds the insurgents responsible for the bloodshed (TIMES).

It is said that in August 2017, the Rohingya (ARSA) group attacked the Hindu community mercilessly in the village of Ah Nauk Kha Maung Seik. They kidnapped men and women who were then blindfolded and executed brutally on a mountain hill. The young women were taken by the Rohingyas and were mostly used as sex slaves and forced them to convert to Islam.

Few survivors who were the witness to the incident said, “They slaughtered the men. We were told not to look at them … They had knives. They also had some spades and iron rods. … We hid ourselves in the shrubs there and were able to see a little … My uncle, my father, my brother – they were all slaughtered,” said Raj Kumari, 18, according to the report.

In another village called Ye Bauk Kyar, around 46 Hindu families have said to have disappeared who are mostly suspected to have been killed by the Rohingyas.

“Members of ARSA captured scores of Hindu women, men, and children and terrorized them before slaughtering them outside their own villages. The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be held to account,” said Tirana Hassan, Amnesty’s crisis response director.

Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) have also carried out on major 30 Myanmar military outposts killing hundreds of soldiers and attacked entire village to create violence and riots. The Amnesty has reported that they have forensic and photographic evidence to show that the murders were committed by Rohingyas. Following this, the Myanmar army had to take stringent action against Rohingyas which resulted in mass evacuation of Rohingyas. It is said that around 7,00,000 Rohingyas have infiltrated into Bangladesh.

The sad part is, when the Hindu survivors enter Bangladesh seeking refugee, they were again attacked by Rohingyas which made their life miserable. Within the Refugee camps, the Hindus were made to convert to Islam and were used as child producing machines. But unfortunately, India is also facing same condition where Rohingyas have infiltrated largely into West Bengal. These people are being shifted to Jammu by vested interest groups who in the name of Human rights are protecting these terrorists.

They are being made to settle in other parts of India like Jammu, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh with an ill intention of changing the demography of the state. These were the same people who provided protection to terrorists during the Pampore attack recently and helped terrorists escape. These people have become a threat to the Hindu families in Jammu who are facing atrocities in the hands of Islamic radicals. The Hindu families are threatened against going to police by terrorists who are backing the Rohingya militants.

So, the entire country is facing a massive security threat as Rohingyas are infiltrating into the country in large numbers. The biggest worry is the state government of West Bengal is not taking any action against Rohingyas nor helping the central government to stop infiltration. The Chief Minister is indirectly helping Rohingyas who are being used as vote banks. But the ultimate sufferers are the people who will have to face atrocities in the hands of these criminals.

This is why we asked whether Priyanka Chopra has the courtesy to visit the Hindu camps in Myanmar and speak for them as well? These Bollywood stars who lead a luxury life have no idea about the ground reality. All they want to do is publicity stunts and project themselves as the flag bearers of Human rights. This lady who did not care one percent when our soldiers were killed, who did not bother to speak for India during Pakistan attack, nor had the patience to know the devastating situation of Kashmiri Pandits who have become refugees in their own land wants to pose herself with terrorists and criminals who are responsible for the death of hundreds of Hindus. The reason she may be doing this because she probably gets highly paid by UNICEF and not because she wants to solve the problems of the world.

Probably if she gets paid more money by any other organisation, she may even agree to visit Pakistan or Syria and issue the statement saying ISIS is facing atrocities in the hands of powerful countries.

Source and Credit: Amnesty International

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