Rohit Saradana openly slams pseudo secular journalist’s silence on CRPF jawans attack!

The recent video of a few anti-national Kashmiri youth shouting slogans at CRPF Jawans, & one Jawan being kicked & hit in the head drew sharp reactions from the public & even from some cricketers. But people who have a moral duty to speak up – our ‘secular’ journalists – were totally mum.

Following is Rohit Sardana’s tweet who thrashed journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt & Sagarika Ghose –

Rohit questions those journalists who went into frenzy over a soldier being served sub-standard food, but remained silent when a soldier was being beaten.

The hypocrisy of these few journalists clearly establishes their agenda & allegiance. They made noise over the low-quality food being served to soldiers because that was a medium of targeting the Narendra Modi government. They questioned the central government over the issue, & such was the outrage created by them, that even Pakistan began using the issue to target India.

But when the CRPF jawan was beaten by pro-Pakistan youth in Kashmir, these journalists were quiet. Why? Because if they had created noise, they would essentially be questioning the youth of Kashmir, those who for paltry sums of money pelt stones at soldiers, raise pro-terrorist slogans, &manufacture petrol bombs to vandalise property & burn policemen alive. But these pseudo-secular journalists can never question these youth, who according to them are simply ‘misguided’ by stronger forces & are completely innocent.

This goes to show that they don’t really care for the soldiers. They’ll back or go against anyone as long as the result of their reporting is pushing the Modi government into a corner.

They make people like Kanhaiya Kumar heroes but question the freedom of speech of a 15-year-old Jhanvi Behal. They go on international news channels & talk about the ‘intolerance’ in India over the Dadri issue, but are silent when Prashanth Poojary is hacked to death.

It is essential that people recognize the hidden agenda of these fake journalists – they back anti-national elements who can be used as patsies to target PM Modi, & they are so morally bankrupt that they even use the army to support their implicit agenda.

Although, it is of some relief that there are some journalists like Rohit Sardana, Sudhir Chaudhary, Arnab Goswami, Gaurav Sawant, etc., who don’t mince words in defending our soldiers & their rights.

Vinayak Jain


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