Routine transfer gets a name of revenge politics in UP; Read how biased media is all set to tarnish the image of BJP

Transfers are common in government jobs as it is routine. But Presstitutes can paint it with any colour. Shrestha Thakur, the cop of Bulandshahr district, who a few days back stood up against the unruly Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader for breaking the traffic rules and taking five party workers into custody. It carried a good message to the society that there is no differentiation in the  Yogi’s UP, no matter even if the law breakers are the workers of the ruling BJP.

But what hurts is that when a routine transfer in the police department is labelled as revenge politics. Yes, UP government in its routine transfer had given transfer letters to 88 Inspectors, 359 Sub Inspectors and 1135 constables and head constables. But in this, the Presstitutes picked up only one name and that it was of Shrestha Thakur, the cop who had taken action against the BJP leaders for violating traffic rules.

This is similar to how these are picking out only the lynching of Muslims and trying to insult India in global platforms. Congress has gone ahead and is all set to prepare a list of 54 victims of lynching in India after the Modi government came to power. Now people may this that the list may include Amar, Akbar and Antony but kindly note that it is a secular list and it includes only the lynching of Akbar.

This is the India for you where PM Modi is working hard to change India in a positive way; CM Yogi is working to improve the law and order issue in UP but Presstitutes and parties like Congress is busy in creating rift between communities so that they don’t get extinct politically.

Mera Bharat Mahan!!!    


Nishika Ram