Rs 3600 crore scam and Congress party! It’s revealed that Youth Congress leader Aljo Joseph is representing Christian Michel in AgustaWestland case

When the Indians are all excited to know whose names will tumble out after Christian Michel reveals the politicians who received kickbacks in the chopper gate, here we have a lawyer from India’s oldest political party who is defending the man who has been extradited from Dubai.

Yes, Christian Michel is being defended by non other than Youth Congress leader Aljo K Joseph. This advocate is seen with several senior Congress leaders at several occasions. Presently the Delhi court allowed Christian Michel’s five-day custodial interrogation by the CBI.

While demanding for his custody, the CBI had said in the court “We need to confront him with some important documents. Money was transferred into two Dubai-based accounts”.

Youth Congress leader Aljo K Joseph

This is indeed shocking because Christian Michel was extradited from Dubai only and only because he would reveal the names of the people who received kickbacks in the chopper gate. But now the Congress party is trying to save him in the court of law.

On 28th June, the Indian Youth Congress had issued a letter to Advocate Aljo K Joseph saying “I am pleased to appoint you as the National-in-charge, of Legal Department of Indian Youth Congress”.

Hours ago, PM Modi had said that skeletons will tumble after Michel opens his mouth. PM Modi had said in Rajasthan “ou must have seen how we caught the middleman in the VVIP chopper scam and have brought him from Dubai to Delhi. Let us see what skeletons come out of the closet of the Congress”.

It was said that senior Congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel had received huge kickbacks during this Agusta Westland deal. When the Republic TV journalists had confronted Rahul Gandhi on Michel’s arrest, Rahul Gandhi didn’t even comment on it; instead spoke of Rafale deal where no scam took place.

Hansika Raj


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