Rs 45 lakh fall in temple money collection in Sabarimala as devotees fill Hundi with ‘Save Sabarimala’ chits!

The Supreme Court verdict literally caused a great distress in the minds of devotees of Sabarimala who have been following certain tradition from many years. But the Supreme Court not considering the opinions of the real devotees became the biggest problem.

The verdict of SC, gave an opportunity to so called activists who utilized the situation to mock Hindu tradition and culture. Christian and Muslim women who did not have any faith in either Hinduism or Lord Ayyappa attempted to enter the temple without performing any traditional procedures. But the worst part was it is said that the one of the activist Rehana Fatima was said to be carrying a stained sanitary napkin which she intended to throw in the temple to insult God.

Following this, a campaign was started by lakhs of devotees who requested people not to donate money to Sabarimala Temple and instead appealed to the government with chits of ‘Save Sabarimala’. The camapign seems to have made massive impact as the temple collection has fallen by Rs 45 Lakhs.

Although the money control comes under Devaswam Board, it was alleged that the Government was forcibly taking the money from temple which was later being diverted to all political gimmicks. This had literally enraged the devotees who decided to stop giving money to the temple. The temple which receives over 5 crore people every year got huge money which is supposed to be utilized for Temple renovation and maintenance. But since many years, the government made a habit of diverting this money for their political use.

On the first day of Ayyappa Darshan, last year’s collection was 8.42 lakh, but this year it dipped to 4.83 lakh, whereas the second day earning is recorded at Rs 19.30 lakh, as compared to Rs 45.59 lakh in last year. The third day earning was Rs 32.3 lakh in 2017 while this year it is only Rs 17.51. Only the fourth day hundi collection could marginally surpass the last year’s revenue by Rs 15,800, Economic Times Report
It was not just in case of Sabarimala temple, but all government controlled temples in the country are witnessing misuse of funds by government which is diverting the funds to minority and Missionary appeasement. In Karnataka, most of the famous temples come under the ambit of government or Muzrai dept which is suppose to mange the money received from people to temple’s welfare, the money which is supposed to be used for salaries of priest and temple development work is secretly behind given to Haj yatras and political campaigns.
As a result many organisations have started various campaigns requesting people not to donate money to government controlled temples which seems to have made big impact.

The government will soon have to give back all the temple control to the Devastanam Trust or Boards and keep themselves away from looting people’s money.

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