Rs 5 crore defamation case filed against Alt News and its co-founder Pratik Sinha for breach of privacy by a private citizen

Alt News, the darling of the left wing and the Congress party is in trouble for breach of privacy of a private citizen in an attempt to attack the Modi followers. It is a known fact that one of the founder of Alt News usually spreads fake news using his troll page “Unofficial Sussy Swamy” on social media.

But look at the hypocrisy. At another end by donning the mask called “Fact Checker”, this website named “Alt News” attacks the right wingers, especially the hardcore supporters of BJP and PM Modi.

This time it carried out a hit job at a private citizen but landed itself in trouble as a Rs 5 crore legal notice has been served against Alt News and its co-founder Pratik Sinha.

On November 18th, the private citizen who runs the twitter handle “The Skin Doctor” issued a statement that read:

  • Glad that already declining Alt News could earn a few bucks by targeting a private citizen. I’m not complaining. It’s a war of existence for them and all is fair in war. However, I deny the “allegations” they made on me. Having said that running multiple Twitter accounts is not illegal. But what Alt News did is illegal. Publishing private images (sec 66E), breach of privacy (sec 72) and misrepresentation (sec 71) are all punishable offences. I’ve already filed a police complaint. I have also consulted my lawyers and appropriate legal action against Pratik and his website will be taken soon.

Now he has served a legal notice to the propaganda website Alt News and its co-founder Pratik Sinha. The lawyer on behalf of the private citizen who runs a twitter handle “The Skin Doctor” said the editorial published by Alt News has created a negative impression in the minds of people about his client and has a potential of affecting my client’s professional and private life.

The notice also demanded to take down the article targeting the man running the twitter handle “The Skin Doctor” within 48 hours and also demanded to tender an open and public apology.

The notice further stated “My client believes that a sum of Rs 5 crores be paid as damages for use of such malicious and derogatory information on a public forum, visible to millions of users and reported in various social media platforms”.

Hansika Raj


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