Six Lakh crore loss to Nation! Massive four times bigger scam than 2G, No Media reporting this !

Subramanian Swamy who is known for fighting a relentless battle against corruption has exposed a massive corruption case of former finance minister P Chidambaram in Aircel-Maxis deal. Swamy who is working on the case since 2011 had filed a case against P Chidambaram, his son Karti Chidambaram and the Maran brothers in the illegal Aircel-Macxis deal.

The Supreme Court had recently asked Swamy to provide all the proof relating to the case in 15 days and Swamy has released scathing evidence against P Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram and showed how the entire country was cheated.

The Aircel-Maxis scam occurred when the Aircel company owned by C Sivasankaran which was providing 2G services was forced to be sold to a Malaysian company called Maxis owned by Ananda Krishnan, a Malaysian citizen claiming all 100% stake. No company can sell an Indian company to a foreign authority giving 100% share which violates the FDI norms of the Government of India.
This deal was done by then telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran on the orders of P Chidambaram. Maxis in return allegedly made investments worth 600 crore in Maran family owned Sun TV in 2007. Swamy alleged that “P Chidambaram ensured that the Foreign Investment Promotion Board clearance (FIPB) on Aircel- Maxis deal would be cleared, only if his son Karti P Chidambaram-controlled company gets share in Sivakumar’s Aircel Televenture Ltd to share the booty from Maxis.”

Under the prevention of corruption act, it becomes a corrupt act if any civil servant or minister indulges himself in favoring any corrupt or illegal act and remains silent without taking action against it. So P Chidambaram was directly involved in the corrupt act of illegal money laundering and receiving massive bribe for the deal.

Swamy who produced all the proof today in a press conference, said that a total amount of 6 Lakh crore was lost due to Chidambaram’s corrupt deal. In his massive expose he released documents which showed 21 secret foreign bank accounts which were directly or indirectly controlled by Karti Chidambaram and his father.  These accounts are at various foreign banks like Barclays Bank in Monaco, Metro Bank in UK, Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore, OCBC in Singapore, HSBC in UK, Deutsche Bank in France, UBS in Switzerland, Wells Fargo Bank in California etc.”

Karti Chidambaram who contested 2014 elections, in his nomination papers had not declared his wealth and his foreign bank accounts which is completely against the Election Commission norms. Dr Swamy said that the Maran brothers were not the direct conspirators in the Aircel Maxis deal, but were only the mediators who became scapegoats, but the real beneficiaries were P Chidambaram and Karti Chidambaram who have stashed thousands of crores to their illegal accounts in foreign banks.

Swamy said that the Enforcement Directorate has collected all proof against P Chidambaram and his son and is waiting for go ahead from the Finance Minister. But he alleged that due to some internal coup and some bureaucrats are protecting Chidambaram and blocking further action that needs to be taken against him!  Swamy said that this list was given to him by a whistleblower officer from Income Tax office in Chennai previous week, explaining the amount of pressure put on them by corrupt elements in Chennai and Delhi.

“His company Advantage Strategic Consulting, involved in receiving kickbacks in Aircel-Maxis scam is having four accounts in a Bank in Singapore, namely OCBC for many years. Enforcement Directorate (ED) has already found that Karti’s company Chess Management received two lakh dollars from three Maxis Group subsidiaries after father Chidambaram illegally approved FIPB clearance,” said Swamy.

This is a massive blow to P Chidambaram, since Swamy will soon produce these documents to the Supreme Court which is more likely to initiate a probe into Chidambaram’s dealing in Aircel Maxis.

The entire transcript of Swamy’s press conference is below:


Credit: https://www.pgurus.com/subramanian-swamy-exposes-21-secret-foreign-bank-accounts-of-karti-chidambaram/

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