RSS Is All Set To Open A Sainik School! And As Usual ‘Liberals’ Are Losing Their Sleep Over It! Why Do They Find It So Difficult To Appreciate The Genuine Works Of RSS?

Chapter 29: it has been said before, but it’s time to repeat the same, the thicker, deeper the mud, more beautiful the lotus blooms.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is all set to open an Army school in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh to train children to become officers in the armed forces, The Economic Times has reported.

According to the report, the school will be named as Rajju Bhaiya Sainik Vidya Mandir after the former Sarsanghchalak of RSS, Rajendra Singh. It will be run by organization’s education wing, Vidya Bharti.

It will be a residential school for boys, and will follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus. It will have students from Class 6 to Class 12. Its first session will begin from April, 2020 with the first batch of 160 students in Class 6.

The opening of the school in Shikarpur, the birthplace of Singh, is an “experiment” that the organization is doing for the first time in the country, Ajay Goyal, regional convener of West UP and Uttarakhand for the Vidya Bharti Uchha Shiksha Sansthan told the publication. It can be replicated to other places in future, he said.

The organization is preparing the prospectus for the first batch of students and the applications will be invited from next month, said Goyal.

In the first of 160 students, 56 seats will be allotted to the children of martyrs under a reservation scheme, he added.

The RSS has strongly advocated Army education and training at the school level. In fact, the Bhonsala Military School, founded in 1937 by BS Moonje in Nasik, is run on a similar model. Moonje was RSS founder KB Hedgewar’s mentor. Although RSS leaders attend events at the school, the organisation is not directly involved in running it; that is done by the Central Hindu Military Education Society.

“There is a lack of Army, Navy and Air Force officers in the country. The reason behind that is not many young people can match the eligibility criteria for the officers’ post. There is one Army School in each state which is not able to fulfill the demand of officers in the Indian forces,” reads the school brochure.

Construction, which is spread over 20,000 square metre donated by former Army man and farmer Rajpal Singh, began on August 24 last year. The land is now part of a newly created trust, Rajpal Singh Jankalyan Sewa Samiti. The school will have a three-storey building for academics, a three-storey hostel, a dispensary, residence for staff members and a large stadium. The estimated total cost is ?40 crore.

“It’s an honour for the Meerut prant to have an Army school under Vidya Bharti,” said Ajay Mittal, RSS prant pracharak of Meerut. “The school will fulfill the dreams of children to serve the country as an army officer in future.”

And again the intellectuals who oppose everything RSS does had something to say on this too. This is how The Wire reported this news,

“So far, only former UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has opposed the idea, asking what was its need and purpose when the state itself has three Sainik schools including, the Sainik School, Lucknow, the only such institution to be run by a state government. He said,

Creating military and sainik schools apart from the ones run by the government is definitely suspicious. It is opening the school for its own selfish reasons. In this establishment, mob lynching and how to hurt communal harmony would be taught. The objective would be to spread hate between communities,”

Karan Thapar another intellectuals join them and this is what he had to say,

“As a child, I often visited the Rajputana Rifles Regimental Centre in Delhi. It has a little masjid frequented by Hindu soldiers on Eid. On Janmashtami or Ram Navami, you’ll find the regimental maulvi and many Muslim soldiers in its temple. How long will that continue if RSS influence spreads through the Raj Rif?”

He continues his rants and says,

“You’ll never come across a sailor or airman taunting a Muslim, indulging in cow-vigilantism, or permitting a fellow soldier to be mistreated. The way the Air Force rallied to support Mohammad Akhlaq’s family proves my point.

Now, can you see my concern? Won’t recruits from an RSS army school change the character and ethos of the army? Surely the attitudes and convictions they’ve imbibed — which I would call prejudice — will influence their behaviour as officers? Or, at least, make it hugely difficult for the Army to reverse their thinking?”

The intellectuals think that they will expose RSS and they try malaciously to defame RSS, but what gets exposed is their dichotomy and hypocrisy.

An army officer is an army officer no matter which school he studied from. Which place he hails from, there hearts beat as one and beats for India. Naturally communist and Congress backed intellectuals can never understand this feeling.

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