Did the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat insult the Indian Army as claimed by Rahul Gandhi? Here’s the video evidence

Today, what was never expected by the Indians, began to trend on the media and even on the social media platforms. Could you ever believe RSS insulting the Indian Armed Forces? In fact, RSS had lent support to the Indian armed forces at the times of war. But lakhs of left leaning followers including Rahul Gandhi demanded an apology from the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

Rahul Gandhi even said that “The RSS Chief’s speech is an insult to every Indian, because it disrespects those who have died for our nation. It is an insult to our flag because it insults every soldier who ever saluted it. Shame on you Mr Bhagwat, for disrespecting our martyrs and our Army”.

WATCH!!! Did RSS chief really insult Indian Army as claimed by Congress President Rahul Gandhi?

Here is the video proof of what RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said. In the video, he clearly states that if the Indian Army requires assistance from the RSS, it is ready to join hands with the Army and work for the motherland. RSS chief also said that, for the Indian Army, it would take only 3 days to train the RSS Karyakarthas whereas it will take months to train the general citizens of India as they are not exposed to the disciplined lifestyle.

In short, the RSS chief has appreciated the Army. He said RSS Karyakarthas are ever ready to help the motherland and the soldiers. But Rahul Gandhi and his men twisted the statement for political scores.

Watch the video below!


RSS released a press statement and cleared the rumours spread by the hardcore haters of RSS!

“Sarsangchalak Mohan Bhagwat’s speech in Muzzafpur (Bihar) is being misrepresented. Bhagwat Ji had said that if situation arises and the Constitution permits, Indian Army would take 6 months to prepare the society whereas Sangh swayamsevaks can be trained in 3 days, as Swayamsevaks practise discipline regularly. This was no way a comparison between the Indian army and the Sangh swayamsevaks but was a comparison between general society and swayamsevaks. Both are to be trained by the Indian Army only”, said Dr Manmohan Vaidya Ji in a statement.


Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr Kiren Rijiju also clarified that the RSS hasn’t even uttered a single word that insulted Indian Army!

  • Indian Army is our pride. In emergency situation(not congress emergency) every Indian must volunteer to stand with Defence Forces. Bhagwat ji only said it takes 6-7 months for a person to be a trained soldier & if Constitution permits RSS cadres has the ability to contribute.

But few of the renowned figures in the left wing eco-system began to push their narrative by twisting the statement of RSS chief. Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai without verifying the reality, tweeted that RSS insulted the Indian Armed forces.

  • So the RSS chief seems to suggest that the Sangh would do a better job guarding our borders than the army. Not a very ‘nationalistic’ thing to say, is it?

Even Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife Sagarika Ghose decided to spread the fictional statement!

  • Is Mohan Bhagwat suggesting that the Indian Army is failing to defend India and RSS needs to step in? Social media hatriots, you may soon be torn away from Twitter and transported to the border.

This lady from Congress says RSS should shift its headquarters to Indo-Pakistan border. Let me assure you that if the situation demands, RSS can even enter into Pakistan and get the chopped head of terrorists.

  • RSS’ Nagpur HQ should be moved near Indo Pak border, let their action speak because RSS has gone overboard with their words. Disrespectful and shameful.

Co-founder of the website “The Wire” also twisted the facts on RSS Chief!

  • RSS chief Bhagwat says Sangh can prepare its cadres for an armed fight within 3 days whereas army takes 5 to 7 months to combat any conflict situation on the border. Is Indian intelligence aware of this capability?

Hansika Raj