RSS – Heroes at service but Devils for Media, Bihar flood proves it again !

No media, no news channel may have shown these selfless RSS volunteers who are working 24/7 helping the flood-hit victims in Bihar. These men waited for no orders, no attention, they picked up what they have, pulled their socks and started helping thousands of flood victims.

The six affiliates of the RSS namely, Sewa Bharati, Ganga Samagrah, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Bajrang Dal, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have been providing food, drinking water and small shelters in flood hit areas from past 15-20 days. Around 11,000 volunteers are silently working day and night saving thousands of people who have lost their houses in flood.  In 15 days, around 66,000 people have been saved and taken to safer places. The RSS volunteers have opened up small camps in the most isolated regions supplying food and medicines every day.

While the government agencies are still not able to reach these isolated villages, the RSS workers have hired private boats and reached those places where there is absolutely no communication or contact. The efforts of RSS volunteers have forced the state government to take up the issue seriously and provide better facilities.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar visits a flood relief camp in Katihar on Monday. (PTI )

The state government has completely failed in tackling the flood situation and is busy fighting what banner should be in the relief material trucks and whose name should be appear on the banner.  Lalu Prasad Yadav considers flood situation in Bihar is just an opportunity for his loose talk saying “You should feel Happy, Ganga as come to your home”.  Many people complained that the state government prevented RSS vehicles carrying relief material enter into their villages and even demanded the RSS workers to use the state government banners for relief materials. Many NGOs and private organizations are stopped from entering into government relief camps, as the state government do not want anyone to take credit for relief work.

In another incident a private body serving food to flood victims at Bakhtiarpur, about 40 km east of Patna, was pulled up by a local officer for serving food on leaf plates instead of stainless steel utensils. “They were also warned that a security situation may arise. So they wound up and left.

Bihar minister for disaster management Chandra Shekhar gave an illogical excuse, saying “if private agencies were allowed in relief camps there would be anarchy”, “An impression should not gain ground that the government is doing nothing for flood victims”, he added.

Bihar has 3 major parties ruling the state in a MAHAGHATBHANDAN…But not one party cares for these poor people.

1 state, 3 parties ruling with zero accountability!!


Aishwarya S