RSS to work for betterment of Shia community; Meet the new RSS

RSS is gaining prominence nowadays because RSS even compelled Rahul Gandhi to read Gita and Veda. But now even a large number of Shia Muslims have started to join RSS. Yes, but these Muslims are not joining PM Modi’s RSS but the RSS of Shia community i.e, Rashtriya Shia Samaj (RSS).

RSS was created by the Shia community to unite all the members of Shia and foster unity among them. The religious heads of Shia community had decided to start this organisation last year but they presented in front of public this year only.

RSS of Shia community has showed certain symbols by which we can say that it is really intended to create communal harmony. This is found in a hoarding that it had put up outside the Haj House in Uttar Pradesh. The hoarding says that, love and the ability to understand and share the feelings of another should be fostered in every corner of our nation. It also said that if Ram is hurt then even Raheem should feel the pain. This is really a welcome move.

Bukkal Nawab, the president of Shia welfare body said that he has not copied the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also said that it didn’t get any opposition from the existing RSS. But Nawab intended to spread love and peace among Hindus and Muslims.

Nawab is also a member of the UP Legislative Council and he is a staunch supporter to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya because in his view Lord Ram was born in India and not Pakistan. So he says that many Muslims are in support with the Hindus to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Bukkal Nawab also condemned the practice of triple talaq and said that it is not mentioned in Quran.

But Yasoob Abbas, the spokesperson of All India Shia Personal Law Board didn’t support this. He said that Nawab is doing all these gimmicks for his personal benefits, he also said that there is no issues if Nawab intends to increase one’s own fame but it shouldn’t affect the Shia community adversely.

Source: www.ptinews.com

Rajat Bhandary