RTI application reveals AAP spent more than 2 cores on Iftar party!

Ever since the time AAP came to power, they have spent most of their time either on streets doing dharna, or watching movies or enjoying parties. The party which claimed to eliminate corruption, give electricity, water and free wifi has probably forgotten all their promise and is now happily enjoying their tenure with public money.

After their own leaders went to jail one after the other on various charges like corruption, office for profit, women molestation and abuse, fake degree charges, the party and especially Arvind Kejriwal completely lost moral authority to speak on corruption or governance. Now, an RTI application filed by Dr Jay, dated 18-10-2018 shows that over 2 crore has been spent on AAP on Iftar parties for minority.

The amount spent by AAP is as follows:

Iftar Parties Spend

2015-16 : 43,85,810

2016-17 : 1,14,89,544

2017-18 : 42,23,619

Eid Parties Spend

2016-17 : 8,99,729

2017-18 : 8,62,585


This is not the first time that AAP has been found spending unusual expenditure on samosa, parties, movies and foreign tours.Delhi government with the smallest cabinet with 6 members has incurred the highest bill of over 1 crore on tea and snacks. Kejriwal who claims to be aam aadmi seems to be leading a Khas life!
Kejriwal has racked up a hefty bill of 47.29 Lakh, Rs 22,42,320 from his secretariat office and Rs 24,86,921 from his residence camp office. These bills are not electric bill or water bill but bill spent on SNACKS! Dy Cm Manish Sisodia has come second spending a total amount of 11,28,429 followed by Gopal Rai, who has been now suspended for corruption has spent Rs 11,06,272.

Sandeep Kumar who was arrested for Sex scandal has produced a bill of Rs 9,11,179, Health minister Satyendra Jain has shelled out Rs 9,10,311, tourism minister Kapil Mishra has spent a total of Rs 6,30,090. The Aam Aadmi party has spent over 1 crore rupees just on refreshments.

Spending so much money on Samaosa and parties, the AAP had again put out videos shamelessly seeking funds for the party for MCD elections. This time the Delhi Dy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia has posted a video on his twitter account seeking donations for the party for MCD elections.

Source: Ind Samachar

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