RTI query reveals government all set to evict Congress from its official bungalow in Delhi!

Looks like Congress is having tough time in every aspect as the government was considering to evict them from the illegally occupied bungalow in 25 Akhbar road. The urban development ministry which replied to an RTI query filed to know why was Congress allowed to convert an official bungalow meant for ministers to Party office, said that the government had received various complaints on the same and was planning to evict the Congress from 25 Akhbar road.

The Congress party has been occupying four bungalows since many years, including its head office at 24 Akbar Road, in the national capital. The other three bungalows are on 5 Raisina Road, 26 Akbar Road and C-II/109 Chanakyapuri. The Raisina Road bungalow is used by the Indian Youth Congress, while 26 Akbar Road and the Chanakyapuri quarters are used for party work. This is nothing but a blatant misuse of power and influence. The urban development ministry replying to the RTI query said that they had given many warning to the Congress party, but the party had failed to give any reason for misusing the government bungalows for party activities.

The Directorate of Estates under the Urban development ministry said that the allotment of the bungalows were cancelled on June 26, 2013 but the Congress continued to hold the bungalows. The Congress party was allocated land in 2010 for building party office within 3 years and vacate the bungalows by 2013. But the Congress Committee had requested for an extension of three years and also requested to waive off the “damage rate of licence fee” with effect from June 26, 2013. The rent Congress had to pay was 10 times higher than the concessional rate which is being given to them, but the Congress has never paid the market price and has completely misused their position causing huge loss to government.

It is not just with Congress high command, but most of the ex-Congress ministers and their allies refused to vacate bungalows after they lost 2014 elections in 2014. They were forcibly evicted from the house by the present government since the ministers were running short of bungalows. Many Congress ministers still occupy large bungalows against law who have to be evicted soon.

Aishwarya S