RTI reveals!!! CM Siddaramaiah spent half a crore on his tea and snacks but do you know how much did PM Modi spend?

India is a nation where we find lakhs of leaders who say that they are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of people. Yes, they do sacrifice a lot and that’s why they are called as public representatives.

For the sake of people, they sacrifice their sleep, hardly spend time with their family, and never take care of their health. So what’s wrong if they take additional facilities from the government?

Citizens visit the residence of ministers asking for help and when people visit with their grievance, they are served with tea, coffee, and snacks. Due to this, few thousands of bucks will be spent from government funds. But can you believe that this may cross millions of rupees?

Yes, the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has spent Rs 60 lakh after he ascended the throne of Karnataka just on tea and snacks!!!

  • Now a hardcore Congress party worker may argue that the amount was spent on people who came to CM’s residence seeking help from Karnataka CM.
  • Rs 60 lakh was spent in the official residence “Kaveri” of CM Siddaramaiah. This was for tea, coffee, biscuits and drinking water.
  • For your kind information, these food items were uploaded to the stomach of CM and his family members. So the argument of hardcore Congress worker is punctured.

Let me give the detailed report of the RTI query for those who feel that this is a fake article aimed at tarnishing the reputed image of CM Siddaramaiah.

• In the financial year 2013-14, a total of Rs 3.65 lakh has been spent only for biscuits. Whereas, Rs 10 lakh has been spent for coffee, tea and mineral water. So the total amount surged up to Rs 13.65 lakhs.

• In the year 2014-15, he spent Rs 4.56 lakhs for biscuits and spent Rs 6.5 lakhs for coffee, tea and water. In the year 2015-16, CM Siddaramaiah spent Rs 4.56 lakh for biscuits and Rs 6.7 lakh for coffee, tea and water.

• In the year 2016-17, CM Siddaramaiah spent Rs 4.5 lakh for biscuits and Rs 7 lakh was spent on coffee, tea and water. In the year 2017-18, the cost of biscuits purchased was Rs 4.5 lakh and the cost of coffee, tea and water was Rs 7.2 lakh.

• Altogether, CM Siddaramaiah has Rs 22 lakhs on biscuits and Rs 38 Lakhs on tea, coffee, and water. Another interesting fact is that CM Siddaramaiah is spending Rs 4.5 lakh rupee on biscuits every year. Yes, and this is really suspicious. Another suspicious thing is that he spent Rs 1.75 lakh on the drinking water every year.

• An RTI query revealed that CM Siddaramaiah had spent a whopping amount of Rs 4.78 lakhs to procure hand towels, bath towels, face towels, foot mats and pillow covers in a span of 6 months

Why is PM Modi scared of Karnataka chief minister?

Recently, Karnataka CM showed the courage of speaking against the Prime Minister of India and said that “the PM is scared of me. That’s why he’s targeting me every time he visits Karnataka”. But Mr Siddaramayya failed to justify his statement so here I am making a small attempt to find out the answer.

Is PM Modi scared of CM Siddaramaiah? Yes, but why?

Yes, PM Modi is scared and the reason is that he can’t compete with Karnataka chief minister’s luxury lifestyle. RTI query had revealed that Rs 60 lakhs was by CM Siddaramaiah but PM Modi is far behind in this race. PM Modi spends just a few thousands on his food and that too at his own expense.

Last year, nearly 3000 farmers had committed suicide in Karnataka state but Mr Siddaramaiah spent millions of rupees on tea and biscuits. Whenever a mild rain hits the Bangalore city, the entire city will turn into a swimming pool, yet Karnataka CM is not bothered.

  • But look at PM Modi and his expenditure. RTI revealed that PM Modi pays his kitchen bill himself at 7 RCR.
  • PM feels his kitchen expenses are personal in nature and should not be incurred on government account.
  • PM Modi likes Gujarati food items especially Bajra Moti and Kichadi, which was revealed Badri Meena- chef of PM Modi.
  • At one end, we have a PM who pays his expenses from his salary and at another end, we have a chief minister who spends Rs 60 lakhs on tea and snacks even though farmers are dying in his state.

This is the reason PM Modi is scared of CM Siddaramaiah.

Ajay Babu