Russia Rejects Reports of Involvement in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Should India Trust??

Let me First tell you About CPEC– “The China-Pakistan Economic corridor is a development mega project which aims to connect Gwadar Port in Southwestern Pakistan to China’s northwestern autonomous region of Xin jiang, via a network of highways, railways and pipelines to transport oil and gas. The Economic Corridor is considered central to China”. Now Let’s see About Russia’s role in CPEC, India Must take all steps to develop its relationship with Ukraine and commonwealth of Independent Nations.In my present analysis let me give you a clear picture, whether we need to worry for Russia’s involvement in CPEC.

Why it is a threat to India—Is It Factual Let’s Analyse

The ambassador of Russia said the two countries were closely cooperating in different areas but there was a need to enhance the volume of bilateral trade. Russia’snebulous public position on its growing ties with Pakistan continues to give sleepless nights to Indian Policymakers who have sought to isolate Islamabad on the issue of Terrorism. Though it officially denied reports that it has shown any interest in China—Pakistan Economic corridor, Moscow has just not declared strong support for the china-funded project but also announced its intention to its Links on Eurasian Economic Union Project with CPEC.

CPEC links Gwadar in Pakistan’s restrictive Balochistan province to to Xinjiang in China, remains a major worry for India’s foreign policy as it passes through Gilgit-Baltistan region in PoK claimed by India. Beijing has overlooked Indi’s concern despite PM Modi himself having expressed for Chinese involvement in the disputed territory with president Xi Jinping. Moscow kept denying the reports by Pakistan Media to India involving itself in CPEC by acquiring access to the port built by China at Gwadar. Russia’s Ambassador Alexey Y Dedov toldthat Russia & Pakistan have held discussions to merge Moscow’s Eurasian Economic Union Project with the CPEC. He also further stated that “Strongly supported CPEC as it was important for Pakistan’s economy and also regional connectivity”. The mixed reaction from Moscow as strategic affairs expert Brahma Chellaney said, are injecting uncertainty in the direction of Russia-India relationship whose trajectory long epitomized constancy and stability.

India continues to officially maintain that it doesn’t see any “downward trend” in relations with Russia even as it works behind the scenes to convince Moscow that Pakistan remained at the top of terrorism in the region. Russia further went one step ahead in regarding Afghan Taliban as a National Military- political movement. MEA spokesperson warned by saying India wants any engagement with Taliban to respect the internationally recognized red lines, including giving up violence and serving ties with Al-Qaida.

India also expressed its displeasure by Russia’s decision to hold its first ever joint military exercise with Pakistan days after Uri terror strike which left 19 Indian soldiers dead. The Russians were quick enough by justifying their position by saying that the exercise was meant to help Pakistan deal with Terrorism. But Russia chose not to help India Publicly naming Pakistan based Terror Outfits LikeLashkar and Jaish at the BRICS Goa Summit in October this year. In turn Russia’s presidential envoy to Pakistan told emphatically that India shouldn’t complain Russia’s Links w2ith Pakistan, as Russia didn’t complain about India’s close ties with US, but definitely India is watching with eyes wide open.

Let’s see Russia’s views Interpreted by various experts in a detailed manner

The sixth “Heart of Asia conference”, recently held in Amritsar, had Pakistan on the mat with terrorism Afghan President Ashraf Ghani infact categorically refused and was bitter & non-sparing of Pakistan. He also rejected Pakistan’s offer of $500million for reconstruction of Afghanistan, and advised them to use the money to counter Terrorist activities which are being sponsored by Pakistan.

Bhaskar Roy a Strategic Analyst with south Asia Analysis Group, went on to say

“Russia is beginning to prove somewhat undependable regarding Pakistan. Rise of Islamohiles in the Russian Government, like Zamir Kabulov have dented the ranks of the Indophiles. Kabuli is a former Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan, currently he is Presidential Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and head of the foreign Ministry’s Asia & Middle East Department”. The Islamohiles in Russia are of the view that CPEC will give Russia an opening, a path to the warm waters of the Arabian sea, the Gulf and the Indian Ocean-which is the objective that Russia has been seeking for most parts of the last century. Of immediate importance is the threat of the Daesh emanating now from Khorasan and moving into Central Asia and Russia. The Russian Islamohiles may influence President Putin to do a Faustian bargain”, he said,

We find That India is pushing hard its stand over Pakistan to be Isolated in the International Platform especially at UN recently nailing the proofs given by NIA as Terrorist had materials which had Stamps of Pakistan on it. PM Modihad earlier personally communicated his concern to Chinese President XiJinping to which he gave a very little importance. So, is Russia moving away from India?

Moscow is definitely trying to have a relationship with Pakistan, it may not risk its position with India as well. Russia was India’s largest defence supplier until recently being surpassed by US.

  1. Chari from BJP believes that India has got nothing to worry from growing Russia- Pakistan partnership at least for now, as the scale of Pakistan-Russia partnership is less than that of China-Pakistan ties, he said. However, there might be friction between Moscow & Delhi in the future if Russia pursues the idea of getting itself close with Pakistan. There are chameleons who are scared of India’s Aggressive foreign policy post the Surgical strikes on Pakistan makes all (China, Russia) rescript their Foreign Policy Narrative towards a Terror free and peaceful Places on Planet Earth. The Indian Foreign Ministry has refused to comment on Ambassador Dedov’s Statements but, sources say government officials are closely following Moscow’s statements on Pakistan. Let’s Wait & watch about the so called Privileged strategic partnership with India by Russia. However, India’s Former Ambassador to Russia PS Raghavan said, “There is no rethink on ties with India.Infact results of the recently concluded Indo-Russia Summit were far better than expected”.

Jai Hind

Dr.S. Sukanya Iyer