RVS Mani reveals Congress leader Kamal Nath quoted ‘people are willing to drink Rahul Gandhi’s urine’, in an attempt to pressurize him to trap PM Modi & coin Hindu-Terror!!

The attempt of Congress party to advertise the product of “Hindu-Terror” has been unending. Various attempts by Congress to defame Hindus is been gradually exposed with every passing day. The UPA Era that prevailed in rule before PM Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, had propagated a number of attempts to not let him come to power.

Leaving the nation by a shocker, RVS Mani, former under-secretary in the Minister of Home Affairs, has released a video revealing the details of the alleged direct involvement of the Congress leader Kamal Nath in developing the ‘Hindu-Terror’ narrative! RVS Mani, in the video talks about the hand of Congress in Ishrat Jahan encounter case and also every bit of effort Congress has put–in to implicate PM Narendra Modi in case, trying to term it as a “Fake Encounter”.

If you check out the video further, RVS Mani has claimed that Kamal Nath, was not alone but two other officers accompanied him for this meeting against PM Modi. They pressurized him to change the circumstances of the case and turn it against PM Modi. But Mani denied to do so and refused to go against the fact.

The narration claims that there was pressure on him to declare Ishran Jahan as an innocent, so as to implicate Narendra Modi in her ‘encounter’.

Here’s the reply quoted by Kamal Nath and what he said is rather hard to digest by common people:

According to the Mani, Kamal Nath offensively replied, “Bahar log Rahul Gandhi ka peshaab peeney ke liye thayar hai, aap itna chota kaam nahi kar sakte ho? (People are ready to drink Rahul Gandhi’s urine and can’t you do this small favour?) “.

And here’s what RVS Mani replied to Kamal Nath: 

“Aap logon ko peshaab peene ka taste hoga, aap log peejiye. Mein nahin peetha, mein sach ke saath khada hoon (You know the taste of Urine, You can drink it and I will stand for the truth)”.

RVS Mani has also wriiten a book HINDU TERROR, in which he has mentioned about the atrocities of Congress and its attempts to defame PM Modi in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. The Party headed by Sonia Gandhi felt no attempts to fix PM Modi ( who was then the chief minister of Gujarat) in the case and prove him the culprit.


Not just how UPA manufactured Hindu terror narrative, this book written by former MHA officer reveals something sensational about Congress Party that no Indian should miss reading



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