“Sabarimala is secular place, can’t take decision without Waqf board and Muslim-Christian organisation”: Kerala government to High Court!

In what can be called the most brazen and illogical argument, the CPM governemnt of Kerala has called that Sabarimala a secular place in which they think Muslims and Christians are also stake holders of the temple.

Yes, the Kerala government which filed an affidavit to the High court in response to a PIL filed by TG Mohandas requesting restriction on the entry of non-Hindus into Sabarimala temple which was causing a break and dishonor to the traditions of the temple, said that the temple doesn’t not belong to Hindus alone but Muslims and Christians also.

The Kerala government in its argument highlighted the links with some Vavar Mosque  and the Peta Thullal tradition of the Sabarimala temple. They also gave an example of a famous song Harivarasanam and said it is song by Christian K J Yesudas. But there brazen attitude did not stop there and went to say that Sabarimala was a Buddhist temple and several Christians and Muslims are devotees of Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple and conduct pilgrimage at Sabarimala every year.”

So, based on these claims, the Kerala government said that they cannot take any decision on Sabarimala temple without consulting Waqf board, Christian and Muslim organisation.

Their statement and argument has caused a great distress and shock to Hindus as the Kerala government has openly spoke against Hindus with an ill intention of helping minority communities to dominate the Sabarimala temple. The sole intention of the Christian missionaries in Kerala has been conversion of the tribal people in and around Sabarimala who are great devotees of Lord Ayyappa. The only way they can brain wash their minds is by making them believe that Ayyappa is Anti Women and anti dalits so that people stop believing him and stop visiting the temple.

This agenda of missionaries is now being directly supported by the CPM government in Kerala which is definitely not being well received by Hindus. For the first time ever, the entire Hindus community in Kerala has come together to speak in favour of the temple traditions which is deliberately being misquoted and misinterpreted as anti women by vested interests groups. It is indeed a shame that CPM is backing the anti Hindu agenda just to benefit conversion and help Christian missionaries.

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