“Sabarimala Priest is involved in Prostitution” :Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala CM has always been a against the Tantri family of the Sabarimala Temple. The only reason is because the left is unable to block the entry of real devotes and have utterly failed in denting the trust of people on Lord Ayyapaa.

The left parties which is well known for their Missionary friendly and anti Hindu attitude has many times before targeted the Hindu religion, its traditions and customs claiming them to be medieval and impractical. But most people fail to understand that every tradition in Hindu culture are followed not to display gimmicks, but to follow the righteous life which can benefit people.

But the sole aim of left parties which has been to malign Hindu religion has made it a habit to spread false information on Hindus. Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan has done the same thing by making a shameful claim that Sabarimala Tantri is involved in Prostitution.

The CM while addressing the Left Democratic Front (LDF) rally in Pathanamthitta, targeted the Sabarimala temple and its priest accusing him of involved in prostitution.

” Ayyappan is believed by a section of the devotees as a ‘naishtika brahmachari’ (eternal celibate). It’s true. There are beliefs that some deities are celibate. At such temples, mostly in northern India, the priest must also be celibate. That’s the truth. He must not marry. You all know the ‘celibate’ status of our priest here (at Sabarimala). I am not just talking about being occupied with a household. He has crossed that to enter a state of prostitution. Isn’t that what happened at Ernakulam?” the chief minister was quoted saying. Indian Express Report
The reference to Prostitution was particularly made to rack the 2006 issue where former Thantri Kandararu Mohanaru was arrested along with two women. One of the lady was identified as Shoba John.
But the real truth behind this incident was that the Tantri was abducted by 10 goons on 23rd July 2006, who was taken to guest house and locked up with the same  lady Shobha John who was involved in sex racket. The priest was stripped, made to drink liquor and obscene pictures were taken and published all over news to malign the temple and the priest.
But the case was found to be fake and the real intention behind the plot was exposed in which three people Bechu Rahman, Shobha John, and Biju Peters were found to be involved. Later it was found that Bechu Rahman was none other than a close associate of Dawood Ibrahum.
This was failed attempt to malign the Sabarimala Temple and its priest and break the trust of people on Hindu Gods. Just like many attempts, this was also planned and executed by missionaries with the help of pseudo secular government in Kerala.
So, Pinnari Vijayan has used this fake story to once again tarnish the character and history of Sabarimala.

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