Sack Bishop! Why is the Missionary of Jesus Congregation defending and supporting the Bishop accused of rape?

If one has closely observed closely, they would know since few months there have been many cases of sexual abuse, rape and molestation against women being reported from churches and missionaries. Especially in Kerala, there have been more than 7-8 cases in a span of 6 months which has raised severe concerns on the activity of the Christians bishops and fathers.

Every month we are hearing that nuns, sisters and even women devotees are being harassed by fathers and Bishops and misusing their position. An issue which has remained almost silent for decades is now getting exposed one after the other. Until now, it was believed that Missionaries were only indulged in mass conversion fooling people with promise of providing better life. But the incidents of rape and sexual abuse has revealed the dark truths of churches.

Recently, the complaint against Bishop Franco Mulakkal by a nun caused a huge furor in the entire Nation. While the entire country is demanding sacking of the Bishop, the so called liberals of our country, human rights activists have gone into hiding and haven’t spoken a word of protest against the Bishop. Those people who jumped on streets with placards are now pretending to be deaf and dumb.

The worst part is, the Missionary of Jesus Congregation has come in open support of the accused Bishop calling him innocent.  It is a well known fact that missionaries in India are controlled by Vatican to such an extent that the heads of Churches in India are also selected through Vatican. So, the Church follows every instructions from Vatican. The huge amount of fund they receive from common people, big companies are based on the narrative that they help women, children and destitute people providing them better lives and livelihood. But if the public knows the real scenario as to what happens inside the church, then their entire game will be demolished.

The police who submitted their affidavit had clearly mentioned that the investigation had revealed that the nun was repeatedly raped by Bishop Franco.

The affidavit mentions the following:

‌1. The dates of rape mentioned by the complainant and the exact location of the bishop tallies as per register of the visitors of the mission home
‌2. Doctors report that says there’s evidence that the nun was sexually assaulted
‌3. “Sister Anupama who is a member of Missionaries of Jesus Congregation, alarmingly indicated her Father that her life is in danger and if anything happens to her then Bishop Franco Mulakkal will be responsible for her misery”

4. “On examination of the certified copy of the 164 CrPC statement, it is found that the complainant was subjected to the unnatural offence and raped by the Bishop forcefully against her will and without her consent on several times”
5. “A lookout circular application was submitted to district police chief, Kottayam on 10/07/2018 to prevent movement of Bishop out of India‌”


Despite such clinching evidence against the Bishop, the Church has not sacked him but has rather come in support of the Bishop which clearly shows they will use all their money and muscle power to silence the nun and her family. According to reports, the investigating officers were receiving pressure from politicians, missionary heads and international organisations to drop the case and blame the girl in the final report.

Missionaries of Jesus said that it will lodge a complaint against those who are protesting against them and damaging their reputation. It also said that all those protesting have an intention of defaming the Bishop.

It also took on the Kerala police for supporting the nun, saying, “Kerala police is supporting the nun. That’s why such allegations are being levelled against the Bishop. The nun is spreading utter lies. If we don’t protest against this conspiracy, we will have to face the consequences from God.”

In the 3-page press release, the Church body continued with character assassination of the nun, saying, “after investigation by Missionaries of Jesus, it was found that the nun was in a relationship with husband of another woman (the nun’s relative) who complained to Bishop Franco. He ordered an investigation into the same and now the nun is accusing the Bishop.”

The statement while further maligning the victim’s image claimed that she is doing all this to ‘hide her own misdoings’, adding, “We are planning to go to the court against the nun for maligning the Church and the congregation.”

It is a sinister game plan of the Missionaries to project themselves as peace lovers, liberals, pro poor and then trap women and children in their master plan of conversion.

Credit: RepublicTV

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