Sad State Of Delhi Schools- 80% govt schools in Delhi don”™t have principals

When Delhi government said it wanted to bring public school students to minimum reading level, no one thought it meant by bringing down the level. But based on this article in Hindustan Times, it looks like that is exactly what the Delhi Govt. is doing. In the Delhi schools, each teacher is having to look after 80-90 students on an average though on paper there is one teacher for 42 students.

According to the report, the government is yet to fill 30,000 posts of the total strength of 64,000. Nevertheless it has not stopped the AAP government to create 9000 additional teacher posts. Delhi has only 33,000 permanent teachers to look after more than 15 lakh students. Additionally there are 17,000 guest teachers who earn about Rs 800 per day. Delhi government is planning to issue experience certificate to these guest teachers ““ signed by the School Principals. Given that about 80% schools do not have Principals, how successful this scheme will be is anybody”™s guess.


Recently, the High Court of Delhi asked the AAP government to disclose how many students are studying in each of its school in Sonia Vihar area after five students filed a petition about overcrowding. The petitioners were part of the government school where 5000 students were studying against a sanctioned strength of 1500.

The AAP government has, at least on paper, made the right kind of noises when it increased the Education allocation in Delhi”™s budget by 106% in its first year. It has also organized mega meet-the-parents earlier this year to figure out both the problems and solutions to them. But in the one and half year AAP has been in power, there has been very little change at the ground level. Their first “exam” will be on November 14 by when, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia wants, to make the majority of the students to be able to read, at least.

It doesn”™t help the teachers or students cause when the already overworked teachers are sent on deputation to Vidhan Sabha, Secretariat etc. as legal assistants. So far AAP has fulfilled promises which were policy and / or paper-work driven. As with many other things only when things get implemented will Acche Din come for Delhi. Until then it is drama, err, business as usual.

Shashank Davanagere