Sadanandan Master! The communists chopped off both his legs but failed to dent his spirits

We have always been attracted by tales of bravery and courage. Amidst us we have heroes who dealt with danger without flinching or batting an eyelid. One such hero is C Sadanandan Master, a RSS functionary based in Mattanur in Kannur district of Kerala.

Both his legs were brutally chopped off by CPI(M) members as a warning for changing sides. The attack of Sadanandan Master had seen immediate retaliation with KV Sudheesh, a SFI leader who was killed that same day.

Now, Sadanandan Master is in the news once again, but this time not for his bravery but because his daughter Yamuna Bharati has scored 1st rank in B Tech Civil Engineering in University of Calicut. Yamuna has served as ABVP’s joint secretary during her college days.

Master had also been fielded by BJP from Koothuparambu constituency in Kannur district for the first time on May Assembly elections.

Addressing a rally during the Lok Sabha Election PM Modi introduced Sadanandan master stating “I want to tell the world from Kasaragod what brutality the communists have carried out on the soil of God’s own country but didn’t let anybody know about it,” an animated Modi said at the rally before introducing Sadanandan.”

Sadanandan is a  teacher of history subject in Sri Durga Vilasam higher secondary school, Paramangalam, Thrissur.

The gory incident

Sadanandan Master was 30 years old at the time of attack. It was a time of celebration in the family as his Sister’s marriage had been fixed and the engagement was due on February 6, 1994.

On 25th January Sadanandan was returning home from his uncle’s place and as soon as he got off the bus a group of people overpowered him and threw him face down on the road. Just within a few seconds both his legs were chopped off, he was lying in a pool of blood and heard two bombs exploding nearby.

Although it was a busy market place, nobody came forward to help Sadanandan. After some time, police arrived and took him the hospital and by then he had lost consciousness.

Reason behind the attack

Sadanandan was an active member of SFI before the year 1984 as his village is a stronghold of SFI.  His father was an active CPM member back then.

But  Sadanandan soon got attracted to the RSS ideology as he began reading about the communism and thought that it wasn’t the solution to solve country’s problems. He was impressed by the discipline and ideologies of RSS and attended the RSS Shakha.

He was first made Gathnayak, then Mukhyasikshak and thereafter Tehsil karyawah. He was also running a Shakha in his village. He was the district Sah Karyawah of the RSS at the time of attack and was entrusted with the responsibility of spreading shakha in the Kannur District.

This obviously irked the CPM leaders who feared the loss of their stronghold in the village and they planned an attack on Sadanandan immediately after his father’s death in 1993.

During the time of the attack Congress led UDF government was in power in Kerala. This was said to be the first TADA case of Kerala. But, when the left democratic front came into power in the year 1996, they withdrew the charges against the accused. But 9 years after the incident, the district court gave its judgment in 2003.

Among the 13 accused, 8 were sentenced to life imprisonment. Now the case is in the High Court and the accused are said to be free on bail.

Sadanandan Master says that the problem of political violence can be solved in Kerala if the CPM leaders change their mindset. According to him, after every such incident, peace conferences are held and the CPM workers urge that the RSS stop functioning because they fear the growth of RSS.

Sadanandan is also the Kerala state vice-president of the National Teachers Union, the editor of its mouthpiece, Deshiya Adhyapaka Vartha and an active member of the Bharatiya Vichara Kendram , which is an intellectual wing of the RSS.

The communal violence in Kerala has to end soon because the violence has now entered into a deadly phase and has claimed many lives.

Sharanya Alva