Sadhguru gives a tight slap to Shekar Gupta when he asks what advice he would give to the army for tying a stone pelter to jeep!

Some how the lutyens media is unable to digest the fact that Indian army and the government doesn’t care of terror supporters anymore. They simply cannot forget the issue and wants to keep racking it up in an effort to build a narrative against the Indian Army.

But nothing seems to be working for these paid media agents who are trying their best to malign the army. Shekhar Gupta who is well known for his anti India stand which he keeps posting in his tweets did not spare Sadhguru as well. Sadhgurur who is no way related to politics or army is asked a stupid question by Shekhar Gupta who wants to only create a cheap gimmick for TRP. But every time his dirty tricks has only boomeranged which has made him look like a fool.

Shekhar Gupta asked Sadhguru whether Major Leetul Gogoi’s decision to tie a stone pelter to the jeep was right or wrong. Check how Sadhguru shut his mouth with a simple answer which probably all journalists should follow.

Aishwarya S