Sadhvi Saraswati gets rape threats after saying cow slaughterers in Kerala must be killed!

Last Friday, Sadhvi Saraswati, the president of the  Sanatan Dharma Prachar Seva Samiti thundered at the Virat Hindu Convention at Badiadka in Kasargod district of Kerala. She said “Gau Mata’ (cows) was killed and beef party organised in Kerala. Such slaughterers have no right to live in India!”. She later said, “Now I would say something that may sound bitter or wrong. You all consider cow as your mother. If your mother is standing in the junction and goons tease her, what will you do? But in Kerala, cows are publicly slaughtered in front of your eyes. Those who slaughter cow, they should also be slaughtered in the public square.”

Expressing her opinion on the cow slaughtering she uttered these statements. But to her bad luck, she voiced her opinion in the state where beef fry is an emotion and beef is a staple in many homes and restaurants. A state where people have vehemently asserted their right to eat what they want.

Soon her statement went viral, people started targeting her. In order to show their love towards beef, they started posting images of beef dishes to her. Some even went to the extent of teaching her how to cook beef dishes. Some advised her to stay there and enjoy the delicious dishes.

Some targeted Sadhvi for spreading communal tensions. One such message said, “Don’t spread hatred among people we lives in a one country with one emotion. We all have gomatha in ourselves in different forms…. you have its dung in your head and we have its meat on our stomach. You drink its urine, we drink its milk.”

Some went to the extent of politicizing the issue. They involved BJP leaders in this and started putting allegations that the BJP leaders are consuming Beef Curry and started making fun of the leaders.

Many news channels have reported this issue but one thing that caught my attention through twitter is why none of the news channels have covered this aspect of the response or comments that she got. Why is no liberal, Bollywood star raising issue on this ? Do they have no problem now?

There are certain comments and responses in which death and rape threats are given to Sadhvi. Many of those who posted rape threats on Hindu Sadhvi’s FB page have ‘Justice for A***a’ as their profile picture. What kind of irony is this?  The same people who are demanding justice for A***a are threatening Sadhvi for doing rape, for killing her. What mask such kind of people are wearing on their faces? Is this your respect for women that on one side you are fighting for justice for A***a’ for the heinous crime. On the other hand, you want to be perpetrators of the crime Or Is it an attempt by such people to divide the society on communal issue. They are selective people who act against nation and against one particular religion or community.

Earlier also when the Centre Government gave the decision to ban sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter. Several youth groups of the ruling CPI(M)-led LDF and Congress-headed UDF opposition have organised festivals to protest against it. They slaughtered a cow in public and cooked its meat and distributed it. They were charged under IPC Section 428 and section (ii) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. Such unscrupulous elements like this must be sought and punished. The society can’t let these criminal roam free.



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