Sagarika Ghose and Semen!!! This journalist makes a vulgar attempt to defame Holi festival of Hindus, but gets ripped apart badly

As expected, the Hindu festival is once again under attack from the self-proclaimed seculars and liberals. This time, the attack is far more brutal and vulgar, and the Hindu society is stunned by the new strategy adopted by the “hate Hindu brigade”.

A BA history student of Jesus and Mary College (JMC) reported that she was hit with a balloon filled with semen. The girl wrote on Instagram that within minutes of boarding a rickshaw from Amar Colony, a balloon hit her hip.

The incident happened two days ahead of Holi festival, so how can it be linked to Holi celebration? It was also reported that the semen was thrown by 2 girls. But the people who wanted to tarnish the royal celebration of Holi shamelessly linked it to Holi. Tomorrow, if a bomb blast takes place ahead of a Hindu festival, then the blame might be definitely put on Hindus, if this bizarre logic continues.

To add to the suspicion, how the girl assumed it to be a semen filled balloon? Did she conduct the test of the semen in any of the laboratory? Even if it was a semen filled balloon, how could she say that it was thrown by Hindus on her? Is there any mechanism to identify the religion of the semen?

Almost a decade ago, the Islamic terrorists had plotted a bomb near a church and projected it as the work of Hindu organisations. But later the investigation proved that it was the work of the hardcore Islamic terrorists. Why this “semen gate” can’t be a similar attempt to defame the peace-loving Hindus?

The renowned Hindu hater and wife Rajdeep Sardesai was quick enough to target the Hindus with her statement, This is shameful and disgusting. Are semen-filled balloons now an expression of “Hindu pride” during Holi?

Semen has religion but terrorism doesn’t have!

  • Terror has no religion but semen do? And Sagarika Ghose is blessed with superpowers to identify the religion by looking at semen?

So-called journalism of Sagarika Ghose filled with hate towards Hindus!

  • What does this disgusting act got to do with Hinduism? Is pedophilia the cornerstone of Christianity? You paint a criminal act and lace it with hatred for religion. That’s why people hate your so called journalism.

What seems is that, this is a conspiracy plotted to defame Hindus and curb the public celebration of Holi, which is at present celebrated by almost every individual irrespective of caste and creed.

1) How can a girl throw semen on other girls?
2) How the so called victims concluded that the balloon was filled with semen?
3) Where did the Girl get so much quantity of Semen to fill balloon?
4) Presence of Semen was detected by which laboratory?
5) How did Sagarika Ghose find out the religion of Semen?

Another attempt to defame the Hindus? Have a look at the explanation given!

  • Who has verified that the balloons were really filled with semen? The filled material could be something else. If the balloons were really with semen, then who collected it from so many males? Doesn’t seem to be realistic. Hope, this is not a paid agenda to defame Hindu Festivals!

Even though Sagarika Ghose was badly exposed for displaying hate against Holi, she ranted her hate towards Holi and Hindus with yet another statement. She said “Amazing! Bhakts attack secularists for asking for water-less Holi saying secularists only want to attack Hindu festivals. Now when disgusting things are done in the name of Holi, it becomes a non-Hindu festival?Stop protecting”.

So, if she is countered with evidence, she will try to play the victim card as she always did.

Hansika Raj


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