Sagarika Ghose does it again, creates communal tension, then deletes tweet after getting slammed by Twitterati. Next time someone complains about Freedom of Expression show them this.

Some journalists are working 24*7 with an intention to divide India. These are the same journalists who claim to be secular. Sagarika Ghose & Rajdeep Sardesai have always been in the news for concocting stories & spewing venom. Rajdeep Sardesai was one of the main journalists who tried to defame PM Modi after 2002. Sagarika has cooperated in keeping up with the same agenda.

Sagarika Ghose has been doing the same lately. She is trying her best to depict India as a land of communal tensions. The embarrassing part is that these people are still called journalists in India. Sagarika recently tweeted that Muslims were being targeted & killed. She didn’t have any proof or evidence to justify her tweet.

She was slammed on Social Media for trying to spread hate. This was not the first time Sagarika was trying to spew venom. Sagarika also opposes people who speak in support of the Indian Army & the nation. She was unhappy with Gautam Gambhir’s “kill 100 jihadis for every slap on a soldier’s face.”

When the national sentiment with Gambhir, Sagarika decided to speak in favour of the peaceniks.

Sagarika’s venomous tweet

Let’s take a look at how Indians gave her a fitting reply on Twitter

Sagarika deleted her tweet after people slammed her for her trying to incite violence & create unrest in the country.

Alok Shetty