Sagarika Ghose said Indians would be drinking urine and selling cow dung if Nehru was not India’s Prime Minister! Do you know what the man who ripped apart Rahul Gandhi in Singapore did to her?

The damage is already done and the sensible leaders of Congress party are finding it hard to defend the gaffe created by Rahul Gandhi. On the first day of his Singapore tour itself, Rahul Gandhi proved that why Indians are not taking him seriously. There are two more days to go and god alone knows what will be the new and innovative blunders that will be created by Rahul Gandhi.

After Rahul Gandhi and his entire family was trapped in the questions of Prof Prasenjit K Basu, several Gandhi family loyalists came to defend Rahul Gandhi. But the defending statements were more like abusive warnings. Yes, Sagarika Ghose, wife of Rajdeep Sardesai, who acted like Congress spokesperson said that,

  • Without Rahul Gandhi’s great grandfather Prasenjit K Basu wouldn’t be in Singapore, wouldn’t speak English, wouldn’t have written a book in English, instead would be a cow dung trader busily drinking cow urine and puzzling over ten headed demons riding flying chariots.

As per Sagarika Ghose’s analysis, professor and author P K Basu wouldn’t have had learnt English if Nehru wouldn’t have been India’s Prime Minister. But Mr Basu not just ripped Sagarika Ghose by saying that she is acting like a Congress spokesperson but also threw light on Jawaharlal Nehru’s intelligence.

Were the Indians selling only the cow dungs before the arrival of Nehru? Were the Indians involved only in the urine related trade. Mr Basu slammed Sagarika Ghose and Gandhi family saying,

  • Rubbish, Lalu Sagarika Ghose, his (Rahul Gandhi) great grandfather was made PM of the dominion at Britain’s behest. The PCCs chose Patel and Kripalani. My grandfather outdid Jawahar Lal Nehru at Cambridge. So stop trying to be such a politician and patronise me without an iota of facts.

Yes, Mr Basu revealed that there was nothing special in Jawaharlal Nehru. This was a hard slap to Sagarika Ghose because she argued that Nehru was the only person due to whom Indians are speaking English.

But Mr Basu revealed that there were far more better people than Nehru who could speak better English and still remain loyal to the nation. This incident has spread light on how the Congress party has white washed the history of India by promoting the Gandhi family.

Mr Basu further slammed Gandhi family by saying,

  • Morarji saved India from the first BoP crisis (1957-58). His 2-year PMship saw the fastest 2-year growth in the 1947-80 period. And Shastriji brought in the huge structural reforms that enabled the Green Revolution. Your royal family (descended from the Delhi kotwal) failed us.

When Mr Basu was ripping apart Rahul Gandhi like a boss, few more Gandhi loyalists tried to make a comeback by terming Mr Basu as a Sanghi. But Mr Basu slammed them by saying,

  • I challenge your assertion/allegation that I am a “Sanghi”. Are you so juvenile that you cannot conduct debate without throwing perceived insults? Can you refute that Gandhiji chose Muslim League over Netaji in 1938?

He further added, 

  • The INA brigades were called Gandhi, Nehru and Azad, despite their many betrayals of Netaji, who was a man of magnanimity and unrelenting patriotism. Yet Nehru betrayed him and India when the Azad Hind Fauj was fighting for for our freedom in Nagaland and Manipur.

This is the reality, Indians. Any common Indian can shake the foundation of the century old Congress party. The Congress is weakening day by day. And the reason is clear, since decades, the Congress is embracing traitors over patriots, scamsters over hard workers, western culture over Indian tradition.

How will a party flourish when it is not loyal to the land where it wants to govern? How can a party be respected when it can’t respect the religion of the 100 crore Hindus?

It is crystal clear that, Rahul Gandhi will be the last ruler of the Gandhi family before its gets destroyed. It is also apparent that Rahul Gandhi’s dream of becoming the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy will always remain as a dream.

Hansika Raj