Sagarika Ghose scores a massive self goal! After abusing Indians and defending Rahul Gandhi’s Singapore gaffes, do you know what she said?

There has always been miles of difference between what Sagarika Ghose follows and what she preaches. The journalist who always hate mongers against the Modi government and the nationalists has once again scored a massive self-goal while preaching on “standards of journalism”.

If a person goes through Sagarika Ghose’s Twitter profile for the very first time, he/she may mistakenly consider her as a Congress spokesperson. But today, she tried to act smart but the Indians caught her hypocrisy and nailed her.

Look at her statement where she advises what the journalists must follow!

  • Journalists, IMHO, should stay away from politics and loyalty to any political party. Compromising independence is worst thing scribes can do to themselves. Lets strengthen India’s civil society, strengthen liberal democracy, work for justice. Let the netas be naked in their hamaam!

So, as per Sagarika Ghose, the journalists must stay away from politics and shouldn’t be loyal to any political party. But, below is a list of statements that show her loyalty to the Congress party!

  • So how many Prime Ministers can do the shirshasana without making a song and dance about Yoga? #JawaharlalNehru

With this tweet, Sagarika Ghose defended the former Indian Prime Minister Nehru, during whose tenure the per capita income was the lowest when compared to the rest of the world.

  • India had 2 choices in 1947. Either to go backwards, majoritarian and dictatorial or be modern & secular. I believe Nehru made the right choice which is why we’re a modern democracy today. Yes, he often blundered, but lets never forget what we owe our first PM.

In this tweet, even though she agreed that Nehru created blunders, she tries to push a narrative saying, Indians owe to Nehru. Again, this was an attempt to prove her loyalty to a political party.

Yet again, she came to the defense of Rahul Gandhi who was ripped apart by the Indians in Singapore. Why isn’t she staying away from politics? Why does she contradict with her own statement? Below is her abusive defense provided to Rahul Gandhi.

  • What a shameful display of foul-mouthed prejudice and rank rude crassness, as displayed so glaringly by Prasenjit K Basu.
  • Without Rahul Gandhi’s great grandfather, Prasenjit K Basu wouldn’t be in Singapore, wouldn’t speak English, wouldn’t have written a book in English, instead would be a cow dung trader busily drinking cow urine and puzzling over ten headed demons riding flying chariots.

She again proved her loyalty to Rahul Gandhi’s Congress by attacking abusively to the professor who confronted Rahul Gandhi in Singapore with facts.

  • Prasenjit K Basu, have also criticised Nehru-Gandhi economic illiberalism but you have to accept that It was Nehruvian modernism, like it or not, that gave India its modern institutions and orientation, now being irretrievably reversed by your ilk peddling its mythological gau mutra economics

As soon as the communist government collapsed in Tripura, Sagarika Ghose started to fear monger about the newly elected government. Again, she proved that her loyalty lies in anti-NDA parties.

  • Will the Victoria Memorial be demolished if a “nationalist” government comes to power in Bengal? Queen Victoria: satyanaash! Firangi rani! Shock horror.

Above were a list of self-goals scored by Sagarika Ghose in past one week. Even after proving her loyalty to one particular party, she dares to advise others not to do so to others. The hypocrisy of Sagarika Ghose must be appreciated, isn’t it?

Hansika Raj