Sagarika Ghose gets royally trolled by Twitteratis for attacking Gautam Gambhir for his patriotism!

As expected, Sagarika Ghose begged us Indians to respond  to her Attention Seeking gimmick! The fading journalist knows how to make her irritating presence known to Indians. Yesterday, she tweeted against Gautam Gambhir, Indian Cricketer because Gambhir dared to express his patriotism through his tweets!

Sagarika Ghose is an elite member from the Paid Media Mafia of the Terrorism Nexus. Her husband Rajdeep Sardesai and she do the best possible Paid Journalism to be in the good books of their bosses…ISIS and other Terror groups of Pakistan. The primary duty allotted to them by their Bosses is to keep on flaring up the fake Kashmir Issue. Then their secondary duty is to present the anti-national Indians positively and give a platform to their malicious view-points. Then their third duty is to create fake propaganda against PM Modi and other influential Patriotic people of India.

Here is an attempt to tell the bosses of this infamous couple about the futility of hiring them for all the above work. Sagarika Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai have lost all their credibility long back. The couple has exposed their anti national stand so clearly that Indians loathe them. How would you explain PM Modi’s Historical win in Loksabha Elections, 2014 in spite of Mr and Mrs 2002 trying hard to malign him for one and a half decade? The 52 CR Rs worth Bunglow of this couple is the proof of how the terrorism nexus of Pakistan pays them through their nose! Utter waste!

Gautam Gambhir had tweeted and expressed his pain for the CRPF Jawans who were kicked, slapped and heckled by the Paid Stone Pelters  in Budgham District of Kashmir.

As told earlier, Sagarika’s primary duty is to flare up Fake Kashmir Unrest. The Stone Pelters form an important part of this orchestrated unrest because they do the risky ground work for petty cash. Hence we see Sagarika, Barkha , Rana and all the precious members of this Terrorism Nexus trying to create a sympathy for these (Hired) ‘Freedom Fighters’ of Kashmir. Gautam Gambhir’s tweets against these ‘spoilt misguided Youth’ got a huge response from Indians So, Sagarika dutifully attacked Gautam Gambhir :

As usual Twitter was abuzz counter-attacking on her tweet. As it is, Indians unitedly hate the Stone pelters of Kashmir who throw stones at our Indian Army for the lure of a few bucks. Indians had actually felt let down when The Supreme Court had restricted the Army from using Pellet Guns. Thousands of CRPF and Army Jawans get seriously injured due to the hitting of the stones.  All that Indians want is the safety of our Jawans in Kashmir.

Here are some of the witty tweets that exposed Sagarika’s anti-national stand.

A friendly warning to our foes…don’t waste your hawala bucks on this discarded journalist called Mrs 2002!! For that matter, don’t waste it on any Paid Media Agent! We know them inside out!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi