Salary of Indian Prime Minister is 51 times less than that of Singaporean Prime Minister!!! Actor Joseph Vijay, will you speak on this?

This actor named Joseph Vijay draws nearly 30 crores of salary for acting in a film which is not less than 3 hours. Still, he comments on a Prime Minister who works for 18 hours a day

Actor Joseph Vijay has earned the reputation of being a fantastic actor both on screen and off screen. This unique talent of his, came to limelight after the film “Mersel” was released. This actor and a passionate Modi-hater had not just spread false news on historic GST but also had insulted Hindus.

Firstly, he said that free medical facility was provided in Singapore even though it collects only 7% GST when India collects 28 percent GST. Secondly, he said that it is better to build hospitals instead of constructing temples.

Hey Joseph Vijay, did you say that Singapore is the best?

  • Singapore never gave free medical services to its citizens. Will you apologize for spreading lies?
  • Hindus respect every religion, but you advised Hindus to stop building temples. Did you know that more number of churches were constructed in Tamil Nadu than temples? Will you advise church fathers to stop constructing the churches?

Indian Prime Minister gets paid 51 times lesser than that of Singapore’s!!!

Here is the comparison of salary withdrawn by various nation’s head. Even Joseph Vijay’s Singapore is included in the list. The salary mentioned is shown on annual basis.

  • Singapore PM: $1.6 million: Rs 86,00,000 per month
  • Australia PM: $402,000
  • US President: $400,000
  • Canada PM: $272,000
  • Germany Chancellor: $256,000
  • Japan PM: $202,000
  • Turkey President: $197,600
  • UK PM: $193,000
  • Russia President: $61,200
  • India PM: $31,200: Rs 169000 per month
  • China President: $22,000

Mr Joseph Vijay, do you have an answer?

  • This actor named Joseph Vijay draws nearly 30 crores of salary for acting in a film which is not less than 3 hours. Still, he comments on a Prime Minister who works for 18 hours a day.
  • Income tax officials had raided his properties in Chennai on Sept 30 and Oct 1st in the year 2015. After the raids, they revealed that Joseph Vijay has been partially evading payment of tax for the last five years.
  • In the last 20 years, 17,500 churches, 9,700 mosques and 370 temples were built. Out of these what should be avoided to build hospitals.
  • Joseph Vijay charges Rs 25-30 crores per film in the Tamil film industry and on an average he makes Rs 60 crore a year if he acts in two films but PM Modi withdraws just 20 Lakhs per year.

The controversial statement filled with lies was filmed apprarentky to target PM Modi’s GST. Prior to the implementation of GST, Indian taxation was really complicated and a common man could never understand it. But due to the heroic efforts of PM Modi, it was reduced to just 5 slabs. So what is Joseph Vijay so tensed? Doesn’t he want people’s life to ease?

Mr Vijay, have you proved that whatever you said in your film was true?

Joseph Vijay has not even apologized for spreading fake news. This made it clear that he is working on clear instructions of some unknown powers who want to demolish PM Modi’s popularity.

A section of law students in Coimbatore offered Rs. 1 crore to the producers of the film ‘Mersal’ and actor Vijay, if they proved that Singapore is providing free medical care. But if they failed to prove it, the producer and Joseph Vijay should give them Rs. 1 crore for giving wrong information to the public through their film without any basis. But Jospeh Vijay, who evaded tax for 5 years, has not even uttered a single word.

Hansika Raj