Why did Salman Khan rack up a controversy just before the release of his movie ‘Tubelight’?

Just like how Delhi has lutyens, the movie industry in India has bollywood. These people can go to any extent if they can earn money. Many of the Bollywood actors who dance to the tune of D mafia cannot stand anyone who talks against Pakistan or terrorists.

Bollywood which tries to project themselves as the liberal class of the Indian society, could not dare to speak a word against the Maulana who issued Fatwa against Sonu Nigam. Not one top actor came forward to support Sonu Nigam, but the same gang was very vocal when people opposed Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming movie Padmavati which had distorted facts and history.

None of these so called top actors came forward to condemn the terror attacks on our soldiers in Uri and Pathankot last year. Instead they said bollywood and National issues should not be mixed. Karan Johar even went to the extent of casting Pakistani actors in his movies and claimed bollywood has got nothing to do with border issue.

But today Salman Khan wants to preach about war and peace to India. Just a week before his movie tubelight is scheduled to be released, he has racked up a controversy favouring Pakistan. His movie is based on the Sino -Indo war of 1962 and claims to showcase the problems of the soldiers families undergo during war.

Sohail Khan who has plays the role of a soldier in the movie said that, “In the film, we haven’t touched that (the war). We have just shown that (people want) that the war ends soon so that our soldiers come back to us and theirs go back to their families. So, it’s basically that whenever there is a war both the sides get hurt. Families lose their sons, brothers, fathers. They have to spend entire life without them…”

But why did Salman Khan rack up a controversy just before his movie release? Was it to appease his Pakistani friends and convince them to release his movie in the neighboring country. Khan’s movies which make considerable amount of money in Pakistan have taken a huge blow after the Pakistan government decided to boycott Indian movies few months back. This decision came after India conducted surgical strikes and attacked Pakistani bunkers along LoC for their relentless support to terrorists.

Interesting, people like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, karan Johar who claim bollywood has nothing to do with border crisis, rack up a controversy every time their movie is released…Why? Is it appease their Pakistanis?

Salman Khan said “People who order war should be asked to go on war themselves. Take this gun and go to war. (They will realise it) and it will get over in a day. They will tremble and shake and they will eventually take the route of dialogues and discussions.”  Salman Khan’s statement appears more like he is giving advice to Indian Army and government which has gone offensive against Pakistan and terrorists in the valley.

The actor should realise and understand that talks and dialogues with Pakistan cannot happen on the graveyard of our soldiers. He should also understand India has never wanted  war with Pakistan, but has only replied to the Pakistani attacks. ‘Kargil war’ was not India’s choice but a necessity to protect our land from terrorists.

The Kashmir issue with Pakistan did not start 2-3 years back, but has been dragging since 1947 and till now Pakistan has never shown any will to solve the issue. Endless talks have been made since 50 years and the only result we saw was the death of thousands of soldiers. Talks are impossible with a country which dances to the tune of terrorists and has no democracy. So Salman Khan should probably stop giving “INTELLIGENT” advice to the Indian Army and stick to his acting business. Our Army and soldiers know the meaning or War and Peace better than anyone and are capable of taking right decisions at right time and doesn’t require advice from a bollywood actor on National security.

If Salman Khan wants to release his movies in Pakistan, he should simply go beg the Pakistani government or D-mafia rather than making illogical statements against India and Indian government to appease Pakistan!!!

His appeasement doesn’t seem to have worked!

Aishwarya S