Salute!!! This Auto Driver saved a girl from getting gang raped from Fayaz and gang

India is nation where Heroes emerge every now and then and make the national proud. Today on this Independence Day, let us know about a hero who saved a girl from getting gang raped.

Early morning of Friday in Yeshwanthapura railway station junction, a girl was dragged away by three men but the passerby didn’t bother to save the girl. But Asgar Pasha jumped into the scene and started to chase them. But he soon realised that he cannot overpower the culprits, so he called three of his friends to search the girl.

“I could have remained a mute spectator without helping the girl as I knew the accused. But I chose not too. But now, after action was taken against the accused, my life is under threat. I do not mind though. If something happens to me, I request the police to do justice. Everything happened within 45 minutes.”

It was later revealed that the girl was visiting relatives in Bengaluru and was not from the city. She was with her cousin when they were attacked. The group of people had thrashed the man and then proceeded to drag the girl away.

Later it was found that one of the accused, 30-year-old Fayaz of BK Nagar, was a serial offender and has a track record of misbehaves with women passengers on his auto.

Apart from Fayaz, the other accused have been identified as Zuber Khan, 25, also of BK Nagar and Sultan, 20, of MK Nagar. Fayaz was arrested when the girl was being rescued. He wanted to sexually exploit the girl first and then call his other friends who were with the victim’s cousin at a distance.

Finally the girl was traced 200 meters behind the railway station. This kidnapping case would have turned to a horrible incident if Asgar Pasha didn’t take the initiative to follow the kidnappers.

The 32 year old auto driver Asgar Pasha from Yeshwanthapura has become a hero for saving the life of a 19 year old girl from getting gang raped by three drunken men.

Nishika Ram