Salutes : PM Modi stopped his cavalcade and shifted it to side lane to allow an ambulance go ahead

It is a regular news in India where ambulances and fire vehicles are kept on waiting for hours in order to allow the cavalcades of ministers to pass. Not only ministers, even many of the local MLAs and MPs regularly indulge in VVIP culture and show their arrogance while they are on the road. Yesterday, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi did something remarkable which will put the so-called VVIPs to hang their heads in shame. When the large cavalcade of PM Modi was moving in Gandhinagar, he directed his staff to stop the cavalcade and shift it in the side lane so that an ambulance can pass.

PM Modi was returning from the African development bank event and other events that were in Gandhinagar yesterday. Since Prime Minister Modi’s cavalcade enjoys a green corridor as per Special Protection Group protocols, no vehicle can move ahead or behind his cavalcade to ensure safety of the Prime Minister. However, when PM Modi saw an ambulance waiting as his cavalcade was passing through, he put aside his SPG protocol and directed his staffs to stop the cavalcade. After stopping the cavalcade, he asked his staff to shift all the cars of cavalcade to the side lane so that the ambulance could go ahead. After PM Modi’s instruction, the ambulance which was carrying a patient, was given a priority to move ahead.

In a historic decision, PM Modi banned the use of red beacons on all the VIP cars in a bid to end this culture. He reiterated his views that for him, every Indian is a VIP. This incident in Gandhinagar once again proves PM Modi’s humility and compassion towards common citizens of the country. PM Modi has set an example for every minister, Chief Minister, MP and MLA of the country. If the Prime Minister of India who enjoys a SPG security and a green corridor can stop his convoy to let an ambulance move ahead on priority basis, no one in the country has any right to stop ambulance, fire brigades, police and other emergency vehicles just because they are a VIP.

PM Modi is someone who leads by example, and this incident once again confirms how grounded he is despite being the Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy.

Kshitij Mohan