Samajwadi party thinks UP is only for Muslims and Yadav. Do you all think the same?

Communal Game of Samajwadi Party

Uttar Pradesh is one of those unfortunate states which is ruled by two regional parties majorly from past 2 decades. One is Samajwadi Party who only works for Yadav and Muslims. Other is Bahujan Samajwadi Party who only do politics of Dalits and fool Dalits to loot people of Uttar Pradesh.

This Video exposes a Samajwadi Party leader who is openly saying that Uttar Pradesh is only for Muslims and Yadavs. When he was asked – Where will Brahmans go, You must listen to his reply in the video.

It’s time to rise on this occasion and unite together for the progress of Uttar Pradesh. It’s time to rise for the betterment of Law and Order.

Politics of Religion and Casteism do no better for any State. Today, thanks to the Samajwadi Party, all Police men in UP are Yadavs. From Bureaucrats to State Government officers all are either Yadav or Muslims.

What is the impact of this?

You can see recent Rapes in Bulandsahar and Yamuna Expressway, all culprits caught were Muslims and the response from Azam Khan for this heinous crime was – It is a political conspiracy.

Now you can imagine the pathetic state of justice. This Government never touches any Yadav or Muslim, just to boost their local vote bank.

At last, people of Uttar Pradesh have to think calmly and listen to this video. Muslims and Yadavs should also think why they vote for such a party who are openly biased. Can the people of Uttar Pradesh allow this Government to destroy their state and it’s unity?



Abhishek Singh

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