Sambit Patra Exposes the True Face of Asaduddin Owaisi…!

Asaduddin Owaisi MP and President of AIMIM is world famous for his communal speeches. He believes there is only one way he can win the election and that is by appeasing the Muslim voters. The President of the party which has the name of a particular community targets National Party and calls it a communal party. In his recent speech, Owaisi in his attempt to appease the Muslim and incite anger against the current central government found religion in ATM’s also. This London Graduate went to say that only Muslim ATM’s are non-functional and only Muslim’s are not provided with any loan. In a debate between Mr Sambit Patra and Mr Asaduddin Owaisi, Owaisi says ‘Muslim Areas’ are being purposefully neglected and people of minority community are made to walk for at least 10 kms to withdraw cash and also are made to stand in line for hours. He was hell bent on proving his stand that Muslims’ are being targeted under the Modi’s Government.

Sambit Patra, Spokesperson of BJP, ripped apart Asaduddin Owaisi and exposed his true face to the people watching the debate all over the world. Sambit Patra asked Mr Owaisi the reason behind making a distinction between people suffering from demonetization. Why can’t he simply say that Indians are suffering and the government should find a way out to find solution to the current problem which has aroused due to ‘Demonetization’. Sambit Patra recites ‘Geeta Hun Mein, Khuran Hun Mein, Geeta Hun Mein, Khuran Hun Mein, PadhMujhkoInsan Hun Mein’. The spokesperson of party which is being targeted as communal by all the parties and also the main stream media says please don’t spread hatred among the people on the basis of religion and people should try to unite against all odds and a party which is spreading hatred and communal feelings is being termed as emerging party and its President is hailed for his International Law Degree.

Sambit attacked Asaduddin saying he cannot play his religious politics anymore as people of minority community have started coming out in open and taking a tough stand against Congress Party and parties like AIMIM which play dirty game of Politics based on religion to garner votes for their party. Sambit exposed the hypocrisy of Owaisi asking him how many Banks has he tried to open when he was a part of earlier UPA Government. How many Muslim’s has he taken to bank for helping them open a Bank Account before questioning the current government.

Sambit also exposed the hypocrisy of Owaisi who refuses to accept PM Narendra Modi as his PM even after being a Parliamentarian from the past 10 years. Asaduddin Owaisi referred to Modi as your PM to Sambit to which Sambit asked him is Narendra Modi not the elected PM of the country and being an Parliamentarian is it not his duty to accept the constitutional power held by PM Narendra Modi. Owaisi out rightly refused to accept that he believes PM Narendra Modi is his PM too.

Sambit also exposed the True Face of Owaisi and his Party All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen revealing the fact that the party was formed to oppose the state Hyderabad uniting with India. He says AIMIM never wanted Hyderabad to be a part of India and had done all it could to break India from within exposing the real face of Owaisi who says Unity of India is top most priority of his party. Now we know why MrAsaduddin Owaisi opposes every step taken by our PM Narendra Modi and tries to give communal angle into every single policy decision made by the Government.

Ramchandra Bhat