Sanjay Mondal shot dead by Mohammad Firoz and gang in Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal! The reason will shock you

Stone pelters and the terrorists are making full use of the ceasefire ordered by the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir, and in West Bengal, in the holy month of Ramzan, a very cruel act has taken place. This act has come at the time when not just the people of West Bengal but even the Indians are not able to forget the mysterious death of the BJP Karyakarthas Trilochan Mahato and Dulal Kumar.

Ate Biriyani but when it came to pay the bill, they shot him!

On Sunday evening, 3rd June, an eatery owner named Sanjay Mondal was shot dead by Mohammad Firoz, after he refused to pay the bill for the Biryani he and his gang ate. The murderer was accompanied by Raja, Firoz, Mogri and Salman. This incident took place in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district.

The police officials said “The tussle started over a plate of Biryani and one of the customers shot Sanjay Mondal. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. An FIR was lodged and we have arrested accused Mohammad Firoz”. They added, “As of now we think it is related to biryani only but our investigation is on”.

The law and order situation is totally out of control under the rule of Mamata Banerjee. What the brother of Sanjay Mondal said was really scary and clearly portrays how the law and order situation has worsened. He said “Firoz shot my brother. There were four people: Raja, Firoz, Mogri and Salman. They are hooligans. We all are very scared and don’t know how to run our business peacefully”.

Sadly, this incident didn’t succeed in gaining the attention of the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee.

West Bengal was stunned by the murder, but look what the English news channel NDTV did!

The reports had earlier said that the murder took place after the eatery owner asked the bunch of men to pay the bill. But NDTV had its own version. NDTV reported “West Bengal Man Shot Dead For Selling Biryani At Rs. 190 A Plate”.

“Though they suspect that the shooting was provoked by the fight over the price of biryani, the West Bengal police are also investigating any other possible motive” added the NDTV.

But NDTV’s journalism filled with hypocrisy was slammed by the Indians.

  • Look at NDTV’s spin. The actual news is Mohammed Firoz and his three friends ate biriyani at Sanjay Mondal’s restaurant in West Bengal’s Parganas district. When he asked them to pay, Mohammed Firoz shot him dead. It’s a clear indication of what lies in the future for Bengal.

West Bengal is nourishing gangsters!

  • This is New Bengal of Mamata Banerjee. Trust me, today’s Bengal underworld can give tough competition to 90s Underworld of Mumbai. They have proper political asylum and fundraising deals.

NDTV always twists the news and tries to misguides the Indians!

  • This is the truth about journalism in India. We have grown up listening and trusting all these news that misguided us from the real and core issues. I no longer watch NDTV for any sort of news.

That’s NDTV for you clear lie peddler and biased journalism!

Hansika Raj


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