Sanjay Nirupam resigns after Mumbaikars give him the proof of surgical strike in BMC elections 2017!

Sanjay Nirupam asked for it! He needed a proof of surgical strike. As he was not furnished with the proof, he had called it Fake!  After four months, today our Mumbaikars have given Sanjay Nirupam the proof of surgical strike. “Every Indian wants #SurgicalStrikesAgainstPak but not a fake one to extract just political benefit by #BJP,” he had tweeted. Looks like, the Mumbaikars gave him an actual demo of surgical strike. In today’s BMC election results of Maharashtra, the voters have almost booted out Congress the way our Commandos crossed LoC and destroyed the Terror Launch Pads of Pakistan. I hope, now Sanjay Nirupam is satisfied with the ‘Proof’!

While BJP has emerged victorious with historical win in 8 out of 10 Municipal elections in Maharashtra, Congress has reached the threshold of extinction. Sanjay Nirupam being the President of the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee has offered to resign after the shattering loss of his Party. In the Financial Capital of India and the Capital of Maharashtra State, Mumbai, Congress received a substantial dent in the number of seats in the BMC elections today. In the richest civic body elections of India, Mumbai, Congress party was cut to size with only 31 seats.

Since the exit polls predicted the upcoming misfortune of Congress to be restricted somewhere between 27 to 35 seats share, foul-mouthed Sanjay Nirupam started shifting the blame on some of the elder Congress Leaders for the Party’s miserable performance.  While talking to the media persons, Nirupam said, “There were many in the party who were manipulating circumstances to ensure that the party doesn’t win. People are not ready to work together in the party and when the civic elections come, some leaders create disputes. Some leaders think they are bigger than the party and do not participate in activities proactively. The party’s condition cannot improve unless undisciplined leaders are taken to task.”

Holding the key position of Mumbai Congress President, Sanjay Nirupam has undoubtedly drowned the already sinking ship of Congress in Maharashtra. Instead of establishing harmony among all the Congress Leaders and Party workers, Nirupam has created a divide in the party. All the senior party leaders like Gurudas Kamat, Prithviraj Chavan, Narayan Rane and Ashok Chavan are dissatisfied by Nirupam’s negative and insulting approach towards other Party Leaders and his misconduct with respect to ticket distribution and election preparation. This has hugely impacted the campaigning process. The result is there for us to see.

As it is, Nirupam’s Anti-Army and Pro-Pakistan statement calling Surgical Strike as ‘Fake’ was enough for the indignant Maharashtrians to slam Congress. And Indians have not forgotten Nirupam’s crass publicity stunt to mock PM Modi by getting tattooed on the hands of his party workers as ‘Mera Pradhanmantri rishwatkhor hai’ (Which means, my Prime Minister is corroupt.). Now, the blame-game of Sanjay on his own Party leaders further defames the already infamous party. His close friendship with Rahul Gandhi is said to the source of his arrogance. If Rahul Gandhi has the audacity to call the surgical strike as a ‘Khoon ki Dalaali’, what can we expect from his party members/friends?

Well, whatever it is, we must thank Sanjay Nirupam for his considerable efforts in making ‘Congress-mukt Maharashtra’. But more than him, we need to thank Rahul Gandhi for hand-picking him from Shiv Sena and placing him in such plum posting in spite of protests by senior leaders. After all, Rahul Gandhi represents the Mission of ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ at National Level!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi