Sanjay was tortured and killed by his wife Rukhsar’s family in Delhi! Even after six months, his family is denied of justice

It has been just over 6 months but the Indians have already forgotten a brutal act of lynching of a Dalit Hindu man by the family of his Muslim wife in the National Capital Delhi. A 22 year old young man named Sanjay fell in love with Rukhsar and they both lived in the same colony and one day all of a sudden the couples fled away, only to return back after eight months.

After they returned, it was found out they registered their marriage in a court while they stayed in his grandfather’s house in Rajasthan. After they returned home, Rukhsar voluntarily changed her name to Rukmini and started following Hindu rituals and festivals.

Sanjay mother Manju Kumari recalled that “Nobody asked her to change her religion or name. She did it on her own”. But gradually Rukhsar’s father and two brothers took their daughter to a court to divorce Sanjay. But Sanjay never divorced his wife.

Sanjay and Rukhsar after marriage
Sanjay and Rukhsar after marriage

Later on when it was found out that Rukhsar was pregnant and that’s why her family forced Sanjay to convert to Islam but when he refused to do so, her family pressurized to abort the child. Eventually due to pressure, Rukshar returned to her family and Sanjay went to Rajasthan.

But one day Saleem, from Rukshar’s side, called Sanjay and said he want to make peace. So Sanjay returned to Delhi to meet him. Even though Saleem took Sanjay in his motorcycle to make peace, Sanjay never returned back. Yes, on August 16 he went missing and on August 21 his dead body was traced in a hilly jungle.

It has been over six months but the family members of Sanjay are waiting for justice. His mother, a mentally-challenged minor brother and a sister who married five years ago are currently not just devastated due to Sanjay’s murder but are also suffering as they are financially weak. But the mainstream journalists aren’t even bothered about ensuring justice to Sanjay’s family.

Currently an activist is trying to ensure justice to his family and he said that he is not satisfied either with the chargesheet or with the administration. He added “The chargesheet does not figure Rukhsar at all. Her statement is crucial but has not been recorded. The police have completely given her a miss. They have instead gone by the accused’s statements that they killed Sanjay in revenge for abandoning their daughter. This is a blatant lie. It was they who separated the couple”.

Earlier we had seen how Indian liberals and seculars had reacted when during Junaid’s death, even though there was no communal motive behind it. But now they are all tight lipped. Time only will say whether Sanjay’s murderers will be punished by the court of law.

This was an exclusive report by the Swarajyamag.com

Hansika Raj