Sanskrit and Astrology professor in Congress ruled Madhya Pradesh gets suspended for predicting PM Modi’s win in 2019 Lok Sabha Election

Democracy is really in danger but only in the states ruled by the parties that shout “Save Democracy”. Couple of days ago, a 25 year old girl Priyanka Sharma, BJP youth wing activist, was arrested by the cops of Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal.

Priyanka Sharma’s mother had said “My daughter was arrested because she worked for the BJP. This is all part of a big plot. This is the first time she is far away from us. Had she been a TMC (Trinamool) worker nothing bad would have happened to her, this is all done by TMC”. Yet none of the self proclaimed guardians of democracy didn’t even feel like backing the young girl.

Now in another such incident, Congress party ruled Madhya Pradesh government has suspended a Sanskrit and astrology professor just because he predicted PM Modi’s victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Rajeshwar Shastri Musalgaonkar, who heads the department of Sanskrit-Ved-Jyotirvigyan at Vikram University, was the professor who got suspended by Kamal Nath government.

On April 29th, Rajeshwar Shastri had made a prediction on Facebook that “BJP 300 ke paas aur NDA 300 ke paar (BJP near 300 seats and NDA more than 300)”.

The Indian Express reported that the state government suspended Rajeshwar Shastri Musalgaonkar, a Sanskrit lecturer of Vikram University, Ujjain, on disciplinary grounds. It said that the state government’s Higher Education Department had recommended disciplinary action against Shastri under MP Universities Act, 1973. Shastri was placed under suspension on May 7 and also attached to another department.

The 55 year old Shastri stated that the he is politically neutral and also said that he will aproach the High Court challenging the government’s suspension order. Imagine the amount of outrage that would have happened if similar incidents took place in BJP ruled states. Definitely, the opposition parties would have demanded PM Modi’s resignation.