What Was Sasikala Constantly Blackmailing Jayalalitha About??

The death of Jayalalitha has lead to various conspiracy theories, emerging on a daily basis. Jayalalitha all through her life had never revealed anything about her personal relations. Not many knew that she has a brother, sister and nieces. But however it was always told that she never had cordial relation with her family. Even while she was in the hospital, none of her relatives or family members were allowed to meet her.

Jayalalitha’s brother N J Vasudevan

This issue now has become a huge controversy and raised questions as to why weren’t any of her relatives let inside the hospital and who took those decisions to block them?! Yesterday in an interview to a Kannada channel, one of Jayalalitha’s nieces Amrutha has revealed explosive details about Jayalalitha’s family relations and why exactly she was never allowed to meet her family in many years.

Jayalalitha’s niece Amrutha and Deepa

According to Amrutha, Jayalalitha was a very humble person and had good relation with her family members. She was very much concerned about her brother and sister and always wished them good.  She said that due to some reasons people built a perception that Jayalalitha kept all her family members away and was not in good terms with her sister or brother.

Amrutha goes to tell that Jayalalitha was not happy in her life and there was something which always bothered her. She also revealed that Jayalalitha had trusted Sasikala very much which became the biggest mistake of her life. She says that Jayalalitha was under severe pressure and influence of Sasikala who had taken control of every action both in her personal and professional life. It was she who had separated Jayalalitha from her family and never wanted anyone from her family to meet her or contact her. Amrutha says Jayalalitha had no problem with her family and spoke to them many times on phone.

According to her niece, Jayalalitha always called them late night or early morning since she did not wanted anyone to know about it. Sometimes when Jayalalitha wasn’t well, she would call and share her pain, there were instances when Jayalalitha was too depressed and had cried on phone. But the moment anyone entered the room she would simply disconnect the phone or stop speaking. She would not call immediately but would wait for 3-4 days and again call back. Amrutha says that it was Sasikala who kept constant vigil on Jayalalitha’s movements and had blocked her freedom.

Amrutha remembers the time Jayalalitha on phone had said that she is living in a GOLDEN CAGE with no freedom. She advised her niece not to enter politics since it was filth and would not suit her soft nature. She says that they were not even allowed to see Jayalalitha  in Hospital and with great difficulty a DMK member took them near the burial site and that was the last time she saw her after many years. Amrutha with teary eyes recollects the time when she stayed with Jayalalitha in Poes garden from 1996-98….“I have had breakfast along with her but she really liked mango juice. She used to drink it early in the morning at 5.”

The most important point her niece stressed was on the blackmail Jayalalitha faced constantly from Sasikala. She says that there was some issue that Sasikala blackmailed her about, and this was exactly the reason what made Jayalalitha take back Sasikala to the party even though she knew about her corrupt background and had misused her position earlier.

It is a well known fact that Sasikala and Jayalalitha shared very close relationship with each other before 2011. Their relationship grew so strong that at one point Sasikala left her husband and stayed with Jayalalitha. This episode had invited many comments from opposition parties mocking their relationship. In fact Jayalalitha had herself told in an interview that she had filed defamation case against a DMK member for questioning her relationship status. Sasikala is said to have trapped Jayalalitha with the same issue and took advantage of the situation for her political gains.

Jayalalitha’s another niece Deepa also recites the same story that Sasikala threatened Jayalalitha and kept her away from her family members. With tears she says she visited the Apollo hospital 25 times when Jayalalitha was admitted, but not once did Sasikala let her inside.

Amrutha has openly said that it was a planned murder and not natural death and there should be a probe conducted by the CBI. She even requested PM Modi to take personal interest in the case and make sure Jayalalitha would get justice. Her only request is Sasikala should not lead AIADMK as she doesn’t deserve to step into Jayalalitha’s position.

Although there is no evidence to her claim it was a planned murder, it is true that big conspiracy surrounds the death of Jayalalitha and there is definitely involvement of few people who called themselves the care-takes of Jayalalitha.

Aishwarya S