How Sasikala converted the jail into a 5 star hotel?

Sasikala has inspired many youths to check-in to jail. Yes, the Sasikala-mania is everywhere and she has created a desire in every individual to go to prison once in lifetime because of the 5 star facilities provided. But let me remind you that these facilities will only be given to you if 2 crores are bribed to the Director General of Prison.

In “Parappana Agrahara” Bangalore Central Jail, Sasikala was served with “idlis” or “dosas” whereas other prisoners were served lemon rice. The protocol was broken in every possible way just to meet the requirements of this corrupt politician.

For the prisoners, non-vegetarian food will be like oasis. But for Sasikala, it was served as and when demanded. The hospitality of prison authorities must be really appreciated. They can even pose a tough fight to the “Taj” hotel group when it comes to hospitality. Chapatis and curd rice was served to her when others rice-sambar.

Usually we see the prisoners wearing their uniform but Sasikala is a special case, so how can see wear it? She wore colourful clothes, especially silk cloths; for this she even obtained the permission of the prison authorities.

White clothes are mandatory for all the prisoners but why is she spotted wearing colourful clothes? Now the Karnataka government may justify by saying that she is allergic of white clothes.


In recent, we had seen that there were regular clashes between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu government. Sasikala was also a close aide of Jaya Lalita then. But just for 2 crores, the Karnataka government was ready to throw aside the laws.

The brave cop IPS D Roopa in her report has also written about the special treatment being given to Abdul Karim Telgi, who was convicted in a counterfeit stamp paper scam.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/sasikala-loses-vip-status-back-to-chitranna/articleshow/59641413.cms

Nishika Ram