Why is Sasikala in a rush to occupy Chief Minister position before 14th February?

After Jayalalitha passed away, there has been continuous effort by Sasikala to occupy the thrown of Chief Minister. Just a month after jayalalitha passed away she made herself the General secretary of the AIADMK party. And just after 15 days she is now planning to become the Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu.

Her decision although seems to have got support from all AIADMK members, there are many people who are now expressing dissatisfaction with Sasikala being the CM of Tamil Nadu. O Pannerselvam who was very close confidant of AMMA took the responsibility of CM even when Jayalalitha had to step down when she was convicted in the disproportionate wealth case. Even while Jayalalitha was in the hospital, it was Pannerselvam who took all responsibility of running the state and managed it pretty well. He has gained huge support from the people of TN for his good administrative skills and clean record.

But however Sasikala was not in favour of Pannerselvam, she did not like Pannerselvam getting importance in the party and always wanted to keep him away. So after she was elected as the General Secretary of the AIADMK party, she asked Pannerselvam to step down as Chief Minister and started to prepare ground for her coronation. According to some people Sasikala’s anger against Pannerselvam was fuelled when PM Modi gave much importance to OPS during Jaya’s funeral. And also repeated talks between OPS and PM Modi was something Sasikala did not tolerate.

Although initially O Pannerselvam seem to have agreed to her decision, after few days he broke his silence and spilled the beans that he did not resign voluntarily, but was made to resign by Sasikala giving no options. The soft spoken leader for the first time in his career had revolted against Sasikala and demanded justice. He revealed the truth that party members were not happy with Sasikala becoming CM but were compelled to speak in her favour. He also raised some serious doubts about Jayalalitha’s death, suspecting Sasikala’s role. He made direct allegations against sasikala saying that he visited the hospital for all 75 days, but not once was he allowed to meet Jayalalitha.

He said that Sasikala was in a hurry to occupy the CM position as soon as possible. Yes, it is absolutely true that Sasikala is in a big rush to occupy the chair before 14th February. The main reason is that according to her astrologer’s advice, if she becomes the Chief Minister before 14th February, she will see the zenith of success but if she cannot become CM before 14th, she will never get a chance again in her life. Sasiakala who strongly believes in astrology is hell bent on taking oath before 14th Feb and exactly why she is even gone to the extent of threatening the governor of Tamil Nadu to invite her to form government.

Few sources revealed that “The entire Sasikala team is now driven by her nephews T.T.V. Dhinakaran and Dr Venkatesh. They are expecting her to be convicted in a disproportionate assets case, the verdict of which is expected some time next week. The family feels that if Sasikala becomes the chief minister, and if she is convicted, then someone from the family could take over the reins of the state. They don’t want Panneerselvam to continue as his stay in the chief minister’s office will not benefit anyone.”

It is well known that Sasikala who had apologized to AMMA in the year 2012 and returned back to Poes Garden had promised that she will never entertain any of her relatives since they had betrayed the trust of Amma. But now what is happening is exactly opposite. Since the day Jaya died, the entire Mannargudi Mafia is back and are again controlling the TN politics from Poes garden. There is no doubt there is a big conspiracy behind Jayalalitha’s death and the Mannargudi Mafia has played a huge role.

Aishwarya S