Watch! You say ‘Bharat ke tukde honge’, be ready for a strong fall back….Major Gaurav Arya sends strong message to “Azadi” gang on live debate!

It is a matter of utter disgust that anti-nationals like Kanhaiya Kumar & Umar Khalid propagate freedom for Kashmir& talk about breaking India, yet are supported by sections of the media & majority of political parties.

But just like on the border with bullets, it is again our soldiers that do a fabulous job of muting anti-nationals on national debates. Major Gaurav Arya completely shut down Kanhaiya Kumar on one such debate. Major Arya said –

“Why do you ask azadi only for Kashmir? Why not for India? There is untouchability & poverty throughout the country. Why not azadi for Maharashtra where many farmers committed suicide?

When cold wave hits UP people die even when it doesn’t snow here. Have you ever heard anyone dying of cold or for lack of food in Kashmir? Even when 50% of the time shops are closed people don’t die in Kashmir for these reasons.”

On the issue of students raising azadi slogans, he said, “This is treason. Someone told them something about Kashmir & they want freedom. How many of them have even been to Kashmir? Tomorrow they’ll say Kerala wants azadi, Punjab wants azadi; they’ve made this is a joke.

Everyday soldiers are dying for the safety of the country; are they fools? These children can’t even stand on their feet & they talk about azadi. There is professor who is egging these students on. They take money from the government of India & then raise such slogans. From what do they want azadi?”

For me my country is bigger than my religion, my parents, & I will not allow anyone to speak nonsense for my country. If you say things like ‘Bharat ketukde honge’ you have to be ready for a strong fall back. There is going to be violence, there is going to be a pushback from people.”

 I have certain points to make in this regard –

  • First, if these students want ‘azadi’ for Kashmir, why don’t they leave everything, go to Kashmir & fight for the people whom they believe are being oppressed? Why stay in Delhi inside the safety of your university & shout slogans? If you have the guts, shout the same in front of a bunch of soldiers & you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!
  • Second, if they are against the ‘illegal occupation’ of Kashmir by the government of India, why don’t these students first & foremost forego the education subsidy that they receive from the same government they abuse? Do they have the spine to do so & pay for their own education at the very least? It is such an irony that they demand azaadi for Kashmir but even in their late 20’s & early 30’s they’re studying on heavy subsidies of the taxpayer!
  • Third, where were these slogans before May 2014? Has Kashmir been a part of India only since Narendra Modi came to power? This simple point is enough to prove that all this is a political drama orchestrated by sections of society that have been deeply hurt by the change in power & certain policies of the current government – opposition parties, NGO’s, & certain sections of the media.

Here, I must warn these sloganeering – do not underestimate the strength & resolve of the common Indian. You are a minority with an ideology that’s shrinking day-by-day. You can criticize anyone, but as Major Arya said, abusing India will never be tolerated!

Vinayak Jain


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