The scary face of Evangelism in India, big reason to worry!

Our media and liberals possess a staunch hatred for the term ‘Hindu rashtra’. They believe that simply terming India as a ‘Hindu rashtra’ will unleash a wave of terror on the minorities.

With around 80% Hindus, India is anything but a Hindu nation, just as Israel is a Jewish country with 75% Jews and America is a Christian nation with 71% Christians. But our media projects as if a Hindu nation would mean havoc for the minorities which is in itself a major attempt at creating communal disharmony.

The population of minorities in India is growing at a rapid rate, and even with an 80% Hindu population they live safe and with freedom. One of the minorities which has experienced unprecedented growth are Christians. Now, this growth would have been fine if it had occurred in the natural course of time. But the credit of this unnatural rate of growth goes largely to evangelism. Following are some mind-blowing facts about how evangelism has succeeded in degrading the natural demographics of our country.

  • In Nagaland, the percentage of Christians was 0% in 1941. In 2011 90% of the people of the state were Christians.
  • In 1941, the percentage of Christians in Mizoram was 0%. In 2011 the same was almost 86%.
  • In 1941, the percentage of Christians in Manipur was 5%. In 2011 this had risen to 41%.
  • The story of Arunachal Pradesh is the same where the population of Christians rose from 0.5% to 30% in the same span of time.
  • The same story is panning out in states such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Punjab.

Evangelists have enjoyed a continuous presence in India ever since we became independent and they’ve never had any obstacles in their mission to convert Indians.

The aspect that is beyond wrong is that these evangelists target poor Indians with promises of wealth. At times, they give a little money to the poor to convert them. They especially target disaster-affected areas where the troubled people are more gullible to their unethical ideas. After the Nepal earthquake, numerous evangelists flew to the country just to convert people.

Banning of thousands of foreign NGOs by the government was a great step in the direction to curb evangelism. They primarily function through NGOs who don’t reveal their funding sources nor where they use it. But much more needs to be done to stop this menace including creating awareness on the ground against such religious vultures.

Vinayak Jain