For this scholar, Army Chief is a Butcher, for Kanhaiya Kumar RSS and BJP are ISIS agents!

One years back this useless man Kanhaiya Kumar organized Afzal guru event in the JNU premises and raised ant India slogans. He called for Azadi from India, chanted slogans against India “Bharat ki Bharbadi tak Jang Rahegi, Insha Allah, Insha Allah” for which he was thrown into jail on sedition charges.

But instead of keeping these anti National elements in jail, the court granted him bail and now he is back to his old tactics of mocking India and Indian army. This time he has gone to say BJP and RSS and terrorists and compared them to ISIS!

Another so called scholar Partha Chatterjee has even compared Bipin Rawat to General Dyer. General Dyer was the one who ordered the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in Amritsar during freedom struggle. He is called the Butcher for killing thousands of innocent people in Jallianwala Bagh!

Their statement came following continuous raids on separatists in Kashmir valley since 3 days. The raids have sent shivers to the anti National elements and they have no place to hide and their frustration is driving them crazy. All the Pak sympathizers have started to blame the government and army since 2-3 days for conducting raids. Congress, Left, JDU, NC are all disturbed to see action being taken against terror gangs. The initial reports of the NIA suggested that many documents related to benami transactions have been seized. Huge money trail from Pakistan has also been identified. 2-3 crores worth illegal money and many foreign currencies have been seized in the raids.

The NIA has paralyzed the separatists money trail which has made the azadi gang helpless and frustrated.

Kanhaiya Kumar who is in this 30’s has still not cleared his courses and calls himself student. But all we hear about him is his misdeeds against Nation and spread malicious campaign against the country. These people sit in India, live on tax payers money and brazenly speak against our own country and Army.

The government should show no mercy and consider terror supporters nothing less than a terrorists and throw them behind bars. If not, these people will create a hostile environment within the country and cause grave threat to nation.

Aishwarya S