Second Strike in Two Days…Will Pakistan loose “MFN Status” Soon??

India continues to put pressure of Pakistan weakening them diplomatically and economically. The Prime Minister today has called for a review meeting on MFN (Most Favoured nation) status given to Pakistan.

After the Uri attack, the Indian Government has been very serious on hitting Pakistan in every way possible. Although India may not have shown their aggressive attitude in surgical strikes, but India is very keen in making Pakistan weak economically and globally which will hurt them more.

MFN status (Most favoured Nation) is given to a country in accordance with World Trade Organisation and facilitate trade practices with foreign countries. The country which gets MFN status from another country is like an assurance that all support and help will be given which will have advantages in matter of trade and international relationship.

India had given MFN status to Pakistan in 1996. Following the status, Pakistan was considered for low trade tax and high import quota. But however, Pakistan had never returned any favours in terms of trade benefits to India.

We have to admit that Pakistan for no reason had got undue advantage from India in every issue. It is high time we stop looking Pakistan as friendly nation and take stringent action. For various political reasons some parties have been soft towards Pakistan and continue to oppose hard stand against the terror country.

In India the chorus to declare Pakistan a TERROR COUNTRY has grown and people want India to end all relationships with Pakistan. The PM also reviewed the Indus water treaty yesterday in a high level meet and has given a strong signal “Blood and Water Can”™t Flow Together”.  He has also called off talks with Indus water Treaty committee and has advised India to utilize water to maximum.

“Blood and water cannot flow together. Utilise maximum water” : PM Modi reviews the Indus water treaty.

This move has definitely indicated that India will no longer have the same relation with Pak anymore.

Aishwarya S