The secret Army of Hitler!!!

Apart from the facts and events mentioned in the history pages of Pre and post-Independence era, there are a several hidden episodes which we have been misguided from. Yes, that’s true. And I am sure many of us have been aware of this. Our past leaders have shown us only the one side of the coin and other is been hidden since decades now.

In fact, they have intentionally showcased only those parts of history which has benefitted their selfish motives and hidden that part from the world which was not in their favour. And sadly in India we trust what’s shown in front of our eyes rather than analyzing the truth behind it.

One such episode is about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose meeting Adolf Hitler and seeking Hitler’s help to support the cause of India’s liberalization from the British rule. Many might claim this to be fake but it is true and we have proofs to this. The period of his stay in Germany was from April 1941- Feb 1943. These years of Netaji in Berlin are still an unsolved riddle for most of his objective and biased biographers.

It is still a puzzle how a self-respecting and dynamic personality could put up for two long years with an inhuman fascist which desperately tried to submerge the whole of humanity in rivers of blood. But it is beyond any shadow of doubt that he was solely and unequivocally guided by one desire– the freedom of his mother India from the cruel clutches of British colonialism.

Watch the untold tale of Netaji and Hitler’s meet!! And you would be interested to know what actually happened during the meet.


Why was that thought to collaborate with Germany-Hitler?

Netaji was smart enough to think of collaborating along with Hitler. And the reason behind this goes like this. Germany under Hitler was already geared up for a war with the British in the year 1941 and this made Netaji get into a conclusion of joint collaboration of India with Germany would be the best in order to put the British. And free India from its dominance.

Germany and India:

The prime idea which motivated Netaji was to explore all possible means for achieving the cherished goal of India’s independence. It seems that he had adopted the concept that the “enemy’s enemy is your friend”. He looked at Nazi Germany solely from that perspective. It followed the approach taken by Indian revolutionaries towards German during the First World War.

However, the Germany of the Second World War was very different, even with respect to India. After the defeat of Germany in the First World War, the ambition of Germany was to bring about a global redistribution of colonies with the goal of establishing German supremacy on the world stage.

At the end of 1941, Hitler’s regime officially recognized his provisional “Free India Government” in exile and even agreed to help Bose raise an army to fight for his cause. It was to be called “The free India Legion”.

This gave a hope to Bose to raise a force of about 100,000 men which, when armed and trained out by the Germans, could be used to invade British who had captured India. He then decided to raise them by going on recruiting visits to prisoners who were in the war camps in Germany.

Hitler’s wickedness!

A plan was hatched to form an ‘Afghan Army’ to invade India after the possible defeat of the Soviet Union in order to snatch ‘the jewel of the British Empire’. The idea of India’s independence was nowhere in German strategic consideration. Indeed, Germany had a long standing cunning eye towards India, and its sympathy and support for India’s struggle for independence was always superficial, and fluctuated with the changing situations on the war front, especially on the Russian front. Netaji was completely unaware of this behind the scene conspiracy by Hitler. He did not seem to think about this seriously enough initially, and remained blindly optimistic about the German attitude for quite some time. Well Hitler played a smart game but Netaji failed to catch his game.