What is the secret behind Patanjali’s success?

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” A majority of the top Indian companies have always concentrated on the wealth aspect. Patanjali is one brand which has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the years. Some people are madly in love with the brand, few though are aware of its reality. I’ve had a few interactions with the distributors of this ‘viral’ brand.

One of the distributors told me that distributors of Patanjali Products are not allowed to distribute products from other Ayurvedic companies. Some of the Ayurvedic companies like Sri Sri Ayurveda by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Axiom Ayurveda (original predecessors of Patanjali), Gurukul Ayurveda (from where Baba Ramdev bought products for the first 5 years and marketed under his own brand of Patanjali). The distributors of these companies, on the contrary have no such rules.

The distributors of Patanjali Products are allowed to distribute other FMCG products. If Baba Ramdev’s concept of promoting ayurvedic medicine were to be believed, why is he halting the progress of his immediate competitors? Some of the business houses in India have that common connect with reality shows. They laugh, they earn, and they also have fun. But the nation comes to the fore only before the Independence or Republic day.

Similarly, Baba Ramdev is playing with the sentiments of the common Indian. Ask any superstar and he’ll tell you that without the common fan he’s nothing. Most of the products sold under the Patanjali Brand are just marketed by the Patanjali brand. Patanjali has more than 300 products in the market today; most of these are manufactured by third companies. Patanjali excels in the marketing department. They don’t spend much on the advertisements & are good at convincing people about the products. Some of the products, such as Patanjali biscuits are not ayurvedic for sure. They are originally manufactured by Sona biscuits, which have their own brand of products called Sobisco biscuits.

A business which puts greed above nationalism cannot be considered good. It’s not about wealth, or donations or even some of those advertisements. It all comes down to one word- quality. And, for now Babaji seems to be lacking on it.

Tony Joseph