What is the real reason behind Amartya Sen getting Nobel Prize?

When we talk about Nobel Prize, we very rarely see Indians name in the list. Since almost 100 years, very few people from India have got the honour of a Nobel Prize. Although India had brilliant mathematicians, scientists and writers, hardly few have got the recognition they deserve.

But in a way, we have to blame ourselves for being ignorant about our people and their contribution. We literally forgot that India had some of the gems like Srinivasa Ramanujan, Satyendra Nath Bose (Boson Man), Har Gobind Khorana (Awarded Nobel Prize as American citizen) and many other who changed the way world looked at India and believed that Western minds are greatest. It was in the year 1913, the first Nobel prize was given to Rabindranath Tagore and in 1930 Sir C V Raman was awarded the Nobel prize for his work on the scattering of light and for the discovery of its effect. Later it was Amartya Sen and Kailash Satyarthi who were awarded Nobel Prize.

But the question is, what was the contribution of Amartya Sen that he received Nobel Prize? What was his work that helped India? Generally if the person is awarded Nobel Prize, the people of the country would know his contributions to the field, but if you ask any Indian what was the contribution of Amartya Sen, will they be able to answer? Surely, not 10 in 100 will be able to answer this question!

Given the fact that Amartya Sen has been very critical about India and he was the same person against whom there was allegations of misusing Rs 3000 crore meant for the rejuvenation of the great Nalanda University. Amartya Sen who was made the Chancellor of the University during Congress government did not even care to attend the inauguration of the University. He showed complete disrespect to the great institution which earned him huge criticism.

But this was not the first time that Amartya Sen had disrespected India and its great culture. His books has mostly shown India in bad light and infact glorified the British. In all his writings he has conveniently ignored the holocaust of the Indians by the British. He has also mocked about the tragic famine 1943 where 5.2 Million people were killed without food and water. Some of ridiculous statements show that he wanted to save the British who ignored the famine in Bengal which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. Instead he has blamed the Indians for all the misery.

Take a look at the statements he had made in all TV channels and newspapers.

There was adequate food in Bengal at the time of the great famine in 1943, There was NO need for Churchill to send rice to India , Bengalis did panic buying and greedy hoarding in a disgraceful manner, Root cause of famine was inflation and speculative hoarding by Bengalis. It was NOT hoarded by British for the army, How incompetence and corruption can cause famine in a land of plenty, 1943 famine was a local Bengali man made thing. The incompetence was native NOT of the British. 

In all his books his main objective has been to glorify British and ridicule the Indian state. Not once does he speaks about the famine in Orissa during 1866 where 5.8 million were starved under British rule, he doesn’t tell how the British deliberately killed 6.3 million in 1978 famine and over 61 million people were left on streets with food. He doesn’t speak about the British atrocity during 1900 forcing people to join the colonial army if they wanted food.

His hatred against India did not stop there, but he has been a constant supporter of International Human Rights activists who have been supporting separatists and terrorists.

But still he got the Nobel Prize for economics! Will anyone be awarded for maligning ones own country?! But the entire episode of him writing books on India was a way to please SOMEONE who could recommend him for the Nobel Prize. That ‘SOMEONE’ was none other than the Rothschild foundation. It was the Rothschild foundation which recommended Amartya Sen for the Nobel Prize.

Everyone knows getting Nobel Prize is not a cake walk and needs certain people’s blessings as most of the institutes which recommend people for Nobel prize are those who have political, business and financial control in the world. One such institution is the Rothschild. Probably one article will not be sufficient to describe who are Rothschild. They are one of the richest family’s in the world. They have hold on all financial institution from America to UK to India to China and control political, real estate, banking, media and what not!

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Amartya Sen did what it takes to please these people. His first wife Nabaneeta Dev Sen who was a hard core Nationalist had left him due to his strong anti National narrative. Nabaneeta Dev Sen was a graduate from Harvard and earned PhD and was a great scholar. She had received many awards and recognition for her writings. But her Amartya Sen’s attitude towards India and Indians made her leave him.

Later he married a lady called Eva Colorni, an Italian economist, whose father was also a well known well known figure in Italian politics and economics. But she died of cancer in 1985. After that Amartya Sen married another lady called Emma Georgina Rothschild, who belonged to the powerful Rothschild family and the sister of Amschel Mayor James Rothschild.

Just 2 years before they got married, he was awarded Nobel Prize by the recommendation sent by the Rothschild foundation. Since then, Amartya Sen has been a very influential man and has been a the very favorite of the left parties and the Congress. He was made Honorary Chairman of Oxfam – the UK based international development charity, and is now its Honorary Advisor and member of the Berggruen Institute’s 21st Century Council.

More than serving India, he has served the western interests with his books mocking India and ridiculing the Indian culture in all his books.Well although the country in no way benefited by his writings are advises, he has been given all facilities by the governments for the reason known to them. But India has conveniently forgotten the real contributors of the Nation who have struggled all their life to bring change in people’s life and are behind such armchair specialists who do not mind maligning India in every way possible.

Source and Credit : http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2011/09/amartya-sen-gets-nobel-prize-for.html

Aishwarya S