What is the secret behind shifting 31 prisoners from “Bangalore Central Jail” at midnight?

Why 31 prisoners were shifted from “Parappana Agrahara Bangalore Central Jail” to other jails situated in Belgaum and Bellary?

This is a big expose of the illegal activities that are taking place in the Parappana Agrahara Bangalore Central Jail. In this jail, the prison laws and guidelines are not applicable for rich criminals. If you have enough money than you can even afford separate room with facilities no less than a 5 star hotel.

Sasikala and gang who were sentenced jail term for the 21 year old disproportionate case have established their own dynasty in the prison. Sasikala and Elavarasi are allocated 5 rooms in the “Parappana Agrahara” where they can perform yoga and other activities. This is really shocking because a prisoner needs court permission to even get a set of bed sheet or pillow.

No need to mention that who are behind this. So when crimes are at the peak, God sends a powerful saviour to restore law. IPS D Roopa was the saviour and as soon as she took charge as DIG prison in Parappana Agrahara Bangalore Central Jail, she was shocked to see the law and order problem.

Few prisoners approached her and said that Sasikala and gang are given special privileges in the prisoner. When probed, IPS D Roopa found out that the allegations were true. So she exposed it in front of the media but the support which she obtained from the Congress government was disgusting. It was projected that going front of media was wrong but the CM wasn’t even willing to talk about the allegations on Sasikala.

Big Breaking: Why few prisoners are shifted to other jails?

To save themselves from massive embarrassment, it is said that today at 1 AM, 31 prisoners who complained against the privileges given to Sasikala to IPS D Roopa were shifted to Belgaum and Bellary jail. 18 prisoners were shifted to Bellary jail and 13 were shifted to Belgaum jail. The sole reason was to threaten the prisoners not to go against Sasikala. Can rich people purchase “law” like this?

IPS D Roopa is such a humble and honest officer that she had admitted her child to a government school where there were not even proper benches to sit. Her child sat on floor like other children. This is a very good message given by her but unfortunately it didn’t grab the attention of the government to improve the schools like this.

Her husband is an IPS officer and they could have sent their child to any reputed school, may be even abroad. But as she was a government employee, she chose a government school.

Bureaucrats cannot easily survive in Karnataka, history says this. IAS officer D K Ravi, DYSP Ganapati and many more were the victims and even IAS officer Rashmi had to face the wrath of the corrupts.

Until when will this happen? Why can’t we punish the corrupt and allow the innocents to live peacefully? Is it a crime to be honest?

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