What is the secret of PM Modi’s oratory skills, how does he speak so well?

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, the man with a vision and mission to take India forward and the man who is so very well known for his oratory skills. There is no person who would disagree that PM Modi is the best orator in the recent times.

The biggest strength of his speech is that he connects to the people very easily. No matter who the audience are, he can recognise the expectations and tone of the audiences and speaks something which impresses them overall. The best part of his speeches are that he motivates people, he inspires them giving examples and quoting incidents. Most prominently he never complains about anything in speeches, but rather tries to suggest solutions to the problem. His speeches are never one way, but makes sure people respond to his speech. He very well knows people do not want to hear the same rhetoric speeches, they always expect new ideas and new information, so he provides them in each of his speech. Those who observe his speeches closely would know his speeches are never same.

Most importantly he doesn’t use pre written script for his speeches, they are all extempore. He speaks according to the situation quoting facts and figures related to the event. You give him any topic, he has his opinion, suggestions on it. He is never ignorant. So, one may wonder how does he collect so many facts in a short time, does he prepare himself before speeches?

The answer is NO! He doesn’t prepare for his speeches. On an average, he gives atleast 8-10 speeches a week, imagine if he has to prepare for each speech, probably he won’t be able to do any other work. But it is in fact not a joke to quote hundreds of facts and information in his speech, it is almost impossible for anyone to by heart or grasp so much information in hours.

So what is the secret of his knowledge?

The simple answer is his RSS background! Yes, most people have no idea what do they teach in RSS, the pseudo secular media and liberals in AC room think RSS is only Hindutva and they do not know anything other than religion. But RSS doesn’t train people to just be mascots of Hindu religion, but to  be a perfect leader of the Nation with patriotic values.

RSS has a prescribed curriculum, where people are taught about various subjects. They conduct regular camps which lasts for a month in every cities and towns. Here RSS cadres are taught not just in one subject, but current affairs, history, religion, arts, science, literature, languages. The teaching is not limited to class rooms, but rather discussions and debate are held on every subject, every issue pertaining to Nation. Most of the RSS leaders are very well educated, there are doctors, engineers, lawyers, Charted Accountants…but only people do not know!!!

Each person is suppose to give a speech, lecture on different topics. They are suppose to gather information on the subject and make the speech interesting and unique. This way every student develops a habit of reading books, gathering information from ground. Interacting with hundreds of people is equal to reading hundred books at a time. The camps are not just limited to reading, but  RSS workers also involve themselves in various traditional games which we may have never heard of. There are over 180 traditional games the boys are made to play.

RSS pracharaks have much better information than anyone since they travel to different towns, cities, districts and even different states. They learn about the place, their culture and problems faced by people from ground. So, the amount of knowledge they gather is incomparable.

This is exactly why people like PM Modi has knowledge in every field and he easily mixes with people. It is not just in case of PM Modi, take an example of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Advani most of these people are very good orators. They convey the message very effectively.

Only a person with extensive knowledge in every field can speak like Modi, not those who bring script and blabber just for the sake of speaking. Leadership is not just about speaking, but leading it with an example which most politicians can never do!

But our media and pseudo seculars who have never been to an RSS camp nor have an idea what happens in camps give lectures and mindless suggestions to RSS and call them communal. One should first understand the core values before making stupid comments against an institute like RSS.

Aishwarya S **